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Better cows

Being a dairy farmer or beef farmer, having an extensive or intensive production system and no matter what breed, almost every farmer in the world wants to improve his farm whether it is the individual cow or the whole herd. Breeding for better cows is possible in many different ways: better production, better longevity, faster growth, better health, better fertility, better  conformation and so on. CRV helps the farmer to breed for better cows by providing genetics, information products, services and knowledge.


Better life

It is impor tant for the dairy producer that cows have excellent milk production. A farmer also cares about welfare and wants the cows to live a long and healthy life. Furthermore, the farmer, herd manager or farm employee is looking for a good work-life balance. CRV aims to provide all dairy and beef producers worldwide with solutions that support them in their management. Using labour more efficiently, making time for a social life, increasing turnover and decreasing the cost price are just some elements that contribute to a better life supported by CRV’s solutions.