CRV chairman Peter Broeckx: ‘You can count on us.’

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Peter Broeckx, chairman of the CRV cooperative, has recorded a video message for all CRV members and customers. He emphasizes that CRV will continue to support livestock farmers in their business operations during the corona crisis.

In the CRV magazine Veeteelt, he also addresses everyone in writing today. You can read that text below:

Dear fellow farmers, 

the corona virus affects all of us. Farmers that suffer from corona, or relatives or friends that died of corona; their stories touch us all. I recall the care for vulnerable people, their stories are real. Hospitalized people, elderly at the care centers. It all feels like a bad story. Life is hard, especially now. 

From my personal point of view, I carry a deep respect for caretakers. This respect has deepened ever since the corona virus is around. I empathize with them and wish them all the strength they need in these tough times. Without health, life is vulnerable. Health isn’t something shallow. It’s a personal merit, worth our full attention and deepest respect.   

Like you, I have my worries about the financial consequences that will follow the corona crisis. Milk- and beef profits drop and may take a while to recover. Minimum marginand businesses are under pressure. Some of our fellowmay not overcome this crisis. It hurts to realize that. 

Despite all uncertainties business continues. Almost as normal. Farmers are still working their farmland and taking care of their livestock. It’s this time of year that I, as a farmer, feel privileged and proud of our beautiful sector.  

Supporting farmers is key to CRV. In abidance with governmental regulations, we stick with you to the best we can. Also in deep respect for the CRV-employees working from home, keeping the business rolling, supporting our farmers with (un)solicited advice. Or on the road to inseminate cows, classify heifers or continue milk recording-service as much as possible. 

We need each other to stay safe and sound, and I feel proud to see mutual respect arise. Luckily there is no need to worry about CRV’s progress. Our company is financially healthy and able to survive this crisis. 

No-one knows when we will be back at square one. No-one knows when exactly the corona-mode can be switched off. But we do know that gatherings will not be allowed for the time being. It also means that we, as managers, should seek new ways to give direction to our cooperative. Working on distance and other new communication techniques are being developed in a fast pace. These may create new opportunities, also after the crisis. 

Also nationwide the corona crisis leaves its scars. Many sectors are on a standstill, except for the agricultural sector. We keep on producing. Citizens are sure of the availability of food and our sector maintains a solid contribution to the national income. 

New initiatives from creative colleagues finding new ways to deliver products to consumers; good vibes that hopefully result in a revaluation of our workLet’s keep up that spirit! Also on a distance we remain connected in a cooperative way. You can count on us. Always.  

On behalf of the CRVcooperative. 

Peter Broeckx, chairman.