Farm in Nová Ves provides the best Fleckvieh bull

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The farm in Nová Ves in the Czech Republic is known for its high-quality genetic potential. In 2017, the farm also caught the attention of German and Austrian AI companies, because a bull with the highest Total Merit Index (TMI) of that time (7/2017: 150 TMI) was born there: Rolls

The dam of Rolls, comes from the family that has been used in the CRV breeding programme for a long time, and that is why she was chosen for genotyping. The fact that she is Waldbrand’s best daughter was a pleasant finding and confirmation of the family’s qualities.

Three bull dams in a row

Her dam (s. Vanstein) had a great conformation and a maximum lactation of more than 10,000kg of milk. Another daughter of hers has been used for breeding and has a son of Evergreen at AI.The grand dam (s.Rumba) also achieved great results with the life production of more than 100,000kg of milk and an average of 10,701kg of milk in 305 days of rupture. Ggd  (s. REZ-300 – two sons in AI) and the stock cow of this family (s. PY-519 – mother of JUN-625) were also used as bull dams.

Based on pedigree information and genomic tests, the dam of Rolls was selected as a donor cow and in combination with Walk, the highest bull of TMI at that time, two sons were born, Rolls and Rybar.

Walk was born in September 2014 on the Schuerer Hammon farm where the number of top sires comes from (family ‘L’ – Walk, Wave, Worldcup, and family ‘G’ – Varta, Vesuvio, Huberus). Walk’s daughters only proved their father’s high breeding values.

Rolls – sire of sons

Rolls breeding values ​​are a logical expression of his pedigree. He has great values ​​for milk production with a good milking speed, a very low cell count and healthy udders. His daughters should have excellent udders and a long lifespan of the offspring and good beef production of the sons can be predicted based on pedigree and genomic breeding values. His offspring should be of average stature with good muscling and feet and legs. Weaning properties are the strongest point of the udders. Rolls calves very easily and is therefore recommended for use on heifers.

Rolls has been used as a sire of sons in the Czech Republic, as well as in Germany and Austria, and CRV also offers his sexed semen.