‘Stay positive and stay connectedʼ – Richard Williams (CRV Avoncroft)

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Richard Williams

The measures against the spread of the coronavirus affect CRV colleagues worldwide. Richard Williams, breeding consultant of CRV Avoncroft for the South and West Wales, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire cannot visit his farmers as he usually would. However, this does not mean that he is going to sit still. On the contrary, ‘we are all in the same boat and it is especially in these days we have to be there for each other,’ he stresses.

Between compassion and positivity

‘I know, it is a thin line between being respectful, compassionate and staying positive. Of course, farmers are concerned about the health of their families and friends and about the economic consequences of the corona crisis. I sympathize with them. But I hear other stories, too. For example, I recently spoke to a farmer who told me that despite the concerns he also thought it was a good time. His son and daughter, who normally live elsewhere in connection with study, are now at home. They help out on the farm and the whole family eats together every day. He hadn’t experienced that in a long time.’

Sixty percent person

‘No one knows what is in store for us and worrying about that doesn’t make any sense at all. All you can do now is commit to making the most of it today. If you stay positive
yourself, you also transfer that to customers and that helps to keep doing business. Whether someone buys something depends 60% on the first impression and attitude of the person who offers it. CRV has the best offer in genetics for efficiency and health. This allows us to continue to support farmers, especially when the return on their business is under pressure. That’s the message I keep sending with conviction.’

Calling is not difficult

‘I regularly send a newsletter to customers and as a result I call them. I approach potential new customers by letter, followed by a phone call. That may not be quite as good as a visit but you can also learn a lot about what a farmer is trying to achieve in business by a phone call. Listening carefully and capturing important information are essential in order to have a good follow-up conversation. I know that some colleagues find it difficult to approach farmers by phone. But calling isn’t hard. You just have to do it.’

Video connection

‘Soon I will also be starting video meetings with customers. It is important to stay connected to each other at this time. And I’m sure you can do that via video, phone or social media. My tip for colleagues? Stay healthy. Stay positive. And remember that we have to be there for each other. Especially in these days’