With ‘healthy’ confidence, a significant improvement for CRV bulls


The balance between health and efficiency is what makes CRV’s breeding programme so unique. Important breeding values, therefore, come together in the CRV Health and CRV Efficiency indexes. These are new names, because CRV wants to make progress together with cattle farmers.
This index run once again shows impressive (genetic) progress with both surprising newcomers and proven commonly used bulls. CRV stands for healthy cows with a functional conformation that achieve excellent production with good components.


Ranger daughters live up to expectations

Double W Ranger (by Reflector) has been the most used CRV bull in recent years. With 500 daughters in milk production in the Netherlands and Flanders, he far exceeds his genomic breeding values. He shows a significant increase for longevity (now: +549 days) in combination with an increase in milk production (now: +611 kg). In addition, he succeeds in maintaining his high contents (+0.40% fat, +0.16% protein). Ranger is an all-round bull with a high score for total conformation (112).


Heir apparent Delta Nippon P

Genomic bull Delta Nippon P is seen as the heir apparent to Ranger. Nippon P is a ground-breaking, polled bull with a fresh bloodline (Hotspot x Bernell). As a result, he is highly versatile and certainly perfect in combination with, for example, Ranger daughters. His phenomenal daughter fertility (109) is an additional striking feature. Nippon daughters will grow into cows of average height (101) and with good feet & legs (103) and fantastic udders (114). He transmits plenty of milk (+943 kg) with a high fat and very high protein percentage (+0.28%).


Healthy daughters with excellent longevity

Weelder Empire (by Bravo) is the highest-performing daughter-tested bull of CRV with 281 NVI. With more than 440 daughters in the breeding values, he shows super components (+0.54% fat and +0.22% protein) and good health traits in combination with good efficiency (15% CRV Efficiency).
Bouw Finder (by Balisto) guarantees problem-free cows. Finder reports sky-high longevity (+933 days), excellent udder health (106), positive fertility (102) and excellent hoof health (107). His daughters produce milk with a high fat (+0.48%) and protein content (+0.15%). Finder is highly suitable for use with maiden heifers. We also notice the influence of Finder as grand sire of a number of tall young bulls.


High components and maximum progress

The number 1 genomic bull in black-and-white ‒ Delta Endless rf – shows a high protein content (+0.17%). The Jacuzzi son from a Finder dam stands out with his impressive production figures and improvement of all important health traits, just like his full brother Delta Eloy rf. Eloy is a very complete bull from the Esmonique cow family, in which one would struggle to find a weak trait. His breeding values for udder health (106) is particularly striking. With a total conformation of 110, beautiful udders (108) and excellent feet & legs (108), Eloy does a good job in that area as well.


‘Golden cross’ for health and efficiency

The Jacuzzi x Finder combination also scores in red-and-white with Delta Nominator, the number 1 genomic bull. Nominator hails from the same proven cow family as Nippon P. He combines impressive production (+1,626 kg) with a positive fat content (+0.28%) and protein content (+0.06%). He also scores exceptionally well on all health traits (CRV Health 6%). The Jacuzzi son delivers efficient (16% CRV Efficiency), persistent (115) and trouble-free cows with fantastic udders (110) and low somatic cell counts (110).


Rising star and proven top performer

Delta Wingstar (by Popcorn) combines average body measurements with a fantastic overall conformation (109) and great, strong and highly attached udders (109). Wingstar transmits a considerable amount of milk (+676 kg) with positive components (+0.30% fat and +0.21% protein). His daughters will move with ease thanks to excellent feet and leg use (106).
Delta Rosebud (by Filou) has once again proven his level with more than 2,700 daughters in milk production. He is the most complete daughter-proven red-and-white bull available.


Solid progress with MRIJ

Saturn (by Remco) confirms his figures from the previous index run and continues to increase in production (+368 kg). He is by far the highest ranked production bull on offer in the MRIJ segment and comes out on top for efficiency (5%). For fans of best developed MRIJ cows, with super udders and the best feet and legs, Harcon (by Menno) is the right choice. He scores moderately positive components (+ 0.05% fat and + 0.06% protein).
Commonly used bulls Vinkenhof 69 Dirk, Flavio, De Vinkenhof Koen and Mustang confirm their figures as their daughters age and thereby earn a certificate of trust.


CRV has a suitable offer for every farm and every ambition. Together with farmers, we strive for a healthy, problem-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk and guarantees a high lifetime production.