Delta Jacuzzi’s foundation cow achieves 10 tonnes of fat and protein

Veneriete Sylke, foundation cow of attractive bulls

Veneriete Sylke, foundation cow of Jacuzzi, came to the Westeneng family’s farm in Kockengen in 2007, as an in-milk heifer from the Delta breeding programme. Last month, she reaches a lifetime production there of more than 10,000 kg of fat and protein: 118,262 kg of milk with 4.88 % fat and 3.58 % protein (4,079 days).

Veneriete Sylke (O-Man x Webster x Cash) was bred from the Etazon Hyde family of Veneriete Holsteins in Kampen (The Netherlands). She came into milk production on what was then the Delta test farm in Kollumerpomp. During her first lactation she moved to the farm run by Ad and Mirjam Westeneng in Kockengen. At that time Ad and Mirjam bought several animals from the Delta nucleus. ‘Two of them produced more than 90,000 kg of milk,’ says Ad. But Veneriete Sylke takes the lead. The O-Man daughter listed with 86 points achieved the milestone of 10,000 kg fat and protein in August. ‘She has been the boss of the herd up to an old age,’ says Ad.

Foundation cow of many bulls

Via her daughter Delta Jacoline, Sylke exerted a lot of influence in the breeding programme. Delta Bonaparte and Delta Antidote, Sylke’s grandsons out of Jacoline, are well-known daughter proven breeding bulls. But a few generations later we also come across famous descendants of Sylke. Sylke’s granddaughter Jarmila (daughter of Delta Jacoline) is the great granddam of Delta Journey and Delta Jacuzzi (the highest ranked young red-and-white InSire bull based on NVI). The great granddam of the black-and-white Delta Vineyard (aAa 165) is also a granddaughter of Sylke (via Delta Jacoline).

Sylke’s influence on Jacuzzi

Sylke’s performance shows many similarities with Delta Jacuzzi’s breeding values: a very high milk inheritance with an exceptionally high fat content and a good protein content. These excellent breeding values give Jacuzzi the highest Inet of red-and-white bulls at the present time. Jacuzzi combines this sky high production capacity with strong and healthy udders, good feet&legs and healthy claws and of course high longevity. His all-round inheritance profile also makes him popular among keepers of black-and-white cattle.

Prolific family

Sylke’s descendants are also well-loved on the Westenengs’ farm. Based on their positive experience with Sylke, Ad and Mirjam are using several bulls from her family. ‘I’ve used Sylke’s grandsons Antidote and Bonaparte and their first daughters are now producing milk. Sylke herself has high pins without it limiting her longevity. I can see that in Antidote and Bonaparte too. Now I also use Vineyard and occasionally Jacuzzi.’
But her own daughters are also getting plenty of opportunities. Sylke’s last calf, a Wisent daughter, is being kept in breeding on the farm based on an excellent marker result. ‘We have all our female youngstock tested for markers,’ says Ad. There are currently a total of nine Sylkes on the farm, with the youngest descendant being Sylke 19. The family scores well for lifetime production, as Sylke’s Support daughter shows. ‘She is listed with 85 points and in seven lists has already produced more than 71,000 kg of milk.’ Sylke’s tally on the farm also includes a fourth-calf Gofast daughter (85 points), a third-calf Atlantic daughter (84 points), an Atlantic heifer (82 points) and an Atlantic maiden heifer, plus a further four offspring in young stock rearing.