Encouraging figures during classification on CRV test farm Nooijen

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Ranger daughters franzy 3 and delta rietje 10 awarded 86 and 87 points respectively at classification on the nooijen crv test farm

The recent classification on the Nooijen CRV test farm in coevorden yielded some impressive results by the latest generation of heifers. But a slightly more mature lady who once supplied embryos for the CRV breeding programme also faced the critical scrutiny of the classifier again. The cow in question, Delta Ralon – who is on her fifth calf – boosted her excellent score to 91 points.

The heifers classified at the CRV test farms are not only early daughters of young CRV bulls, they often also descend from cow families who are currently supplying bulls and donors. Following a period of embryo production, they are allowed to put their milk production skills to the test on these farms.
Here we present a selection of the (test) heifers paraded past the classifier at the Nooijen farm this month.

Promising ranger heifers

Ranger was well represented with four daughters at the classification. As an insire top bull Double w Ranger boasts a host of fans and is a very popular bull.  Ranger was also widely used in the CRV breeding programme, which explains the presence of his daughters in lactation on various CRV test farms. On the Nooijen family farm, the four ranger daughters scored an average of 85 points at the last classification. Koen Nooijen confirms that their production is above average. Let’s take a closer look at three daughters.

Ranger daughters Delta Rietje 3 and Delta Rietje 10 share a maternal grand dam. That grand dam is the full sister of breeding bull Saxobeat and a half-sister of Danno. The Rietjes were awarded 85 and 87 points respectively.

The third Ranger daughter is Franzy 3, who noted 86 points. Franzy 3 descends from the Froukje cow family owned by Tjerk van Essen in Marssum, the Netherlands. At CRV, three bulls – Delta Frontline, Delta Fisherman and Delta Fitness – from this family are waiting for the performances of their daughters to be confirmed.

Delta Fitness (s. Magister) is a half-brother of Frany 3. A full sister of Fitness, Delta Flirt, was also assessed by the classifier at the same time and scored 85 points.

Top of the class scores for cows with Etazon Renate pedigree

At this classification, the fifth calf cow Delta Ralon, half-sister of daughter-proven conformation specialist Saxobeat and Danno and granddaughter of Etazon Renate, proved herself to be top of the class. Gold chip daughter Ralon saw her conformation scores improve to 91 points (90 frame, 88 dairy strength, 91 udder and 92 feet and legs).  At the NRM in 2017, Ralon was the leading cow in the demonstration group with CRV donors (watch the video).
Another member of the Etazon Renate family also clearly impressed the classifier: great granddaughter Delta Rancer (s. Concert) scored 87 points.

Delta Ralon boosts score to 91 for conformation


Bull dam by Groenibo Bram

The classifier awarded 86 points to red-and-whiteIivette 432, daughter of Groenibo Bram rf.  Test heifer Ivette 432 has a number of promising progeny in the CRV barns including a red-and-white son by capetown who is currently being reared and her daughter by Jacuzzi who has produced embryos in wirdum. Ivette 432 was bred by alex reinders from Zelhem. His family has had this cow family on their farm for about 40 years.


Ivette 432, bull dam and daughter of groenibo bram awarded 86 points

Cows bred by the Nooijen family           

The classifier naturally also assessed heifers bred from the nooijen’s own breeding lines – and with encouraging results! For example, rush hour daughter Cinderella 31, from the internationally acclaimed Cinderella family, scored 85 points. And, the home-bred bea line once again demonstrated their qualities with Jupiler daughter bea 118 who noted 85 points.  The Bea family has already produced bulls such as Peelsehoeve magus, Delta Beatle and Delta Barrage.