SireMatch benefits CRV representatives around the world!

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As a result of tailor made trainings, more and more sales representatives and farmers around the world discover the benefits of SireMatch. The numbers of matings that are made with SireMatch are increasing exponentially with 100,000 matings done in May alone. Sales representatives share their experiences with SireMatch.

Whilst corona has brought many challenges in our daily operations in the genetics business we often forget about the tremendous accomplishments that are made during the difficult times.

One success which cannot be overlooked is that of introducing SireMatch to markets around the world. Since 1.5 years, SireMatch has been a core at many of the Global Sales Training weeks held in the Netherlands. Also, tailor made trainings in specific countries were held to bring CRV representatives up to speed with the in’s and outs of CRV renown mating program. This effort has not gone unrewarded and the numbers of matings that are made with SireMatch are increasing exponentially with 100,000 matings done in May alone.

What are the key benefits that have been experienced? We decided to let our CRV colleagues and sales representatives in the field to do the talking!

“100 % of S.C. Cow Genetics customers are using SireMatch. This is one of the most valuable tools in the business which really helps set us aside from all of the other companies. Using SireMatch has brought us great success” says Dr Adrian from Romania.

“Herd analysis is very important for farmers to know how to make genetic progress on a farm This is however very time consuming as well as that it can only be done by professionals. Can you imagine trying to figure out bloodlines, improvement points and trends in a herd of 1000 or more cows? At first I was sceptical about SireMatch thinking that this was “Just another sales program”. But after only a week I realized that not only is it a great sales tool but it is an amazing way of getting large amounts of information in a summarized and representative way that is practically important to discuss with my clients. What used to take me days, now takes me an hour! Also, customers love the SireMatch results sheet showing them exactly what aspects need to be corrected and improved. All I can say, SireMatch is THE tool to breed for the cow of the future!”  says breeding specialist Darius from Lithuania.

“Being able to show the attention traits gives great opportunity to discuss how you can make a difference for example laying emphasis on Hoof Health. All the other companies have fixed breeding goals, with SireMatch you can make a completely customized breeding goal together with your farmer” say CRV sales specialistSalvador from CRV Spain.

“SireMatch is great! You can work on continuous improvement in uniformity and performance in your herd together with the CRV representative. Inbreeding is major theme with huge risks for negative fertility other inbreeding related problems. With SireMatch, I don’t have to worry about any of that!” Says a happy Farmer using the services of Sirematch.

Are you ready for taking your advice, added value and sales to the next level? Please contact your local area manager or CRV representative to join a Global Sales training week or have a tailor made training to get you up to speed!