CRV bulls accomplish excellent lifetime production with high components

Reporter daughters Ritty 319 and Dinie 34

A healthy and efficient herd stands at the base of an excellent lifetime production. Genetic progression is the key, and consistent breeding brings results. CRV offers you an extensive sire selection for improving your herd with an excellent lifetime production and high components.

Daughter proven sires confirm predictions

During the most recent NRM, a quite youthful and promising group of Finder was presented by CRV. This August proof run adds another 500 daughters to his proof data, giving Bouw Finder a near total of 750 daughters. Raising his Feet & Leg score is another highlight! Finder daughters combine a high lifespan (+959 days) with very high components (+0,11% Protein and +0,46% Fat). CRV adds Delta Reporter tot their portfolio, a sire that will breed no-nonsense cows with all-round, efficient (+13%) traits. Reporter (Skyfall x Belfast x Surprise) will combine high production (1.049 Milk) with a big plus in protein percentage (+0,14). Reporters’ daughters will excell in efficiency, carried on very good legs.

The undisputed number one, longevity king Bouw Rocky remains on top (+1148 days) with currently over 300 daughters being in their third lactation. His daughters represent strength and durability, cows that can produce milk with ease and persistence, remaining healthy throughout.

Rocky progeny group NRM

Sterksel Petra 43 (s. Rocky)

First Ranger sons make promising debut

Double W Ranger solidifies his leading position with great scores (405 NVI). His all-round profile makes him a universal bull to breed with, adding high scores for Conformation (116), fantastic udders (115) and Feet & Legs (111). Catching our attention are a number of Ranger sons  Abundant P RF, Yes, Woody and Wirdum, with high scores for rich milk and conformation, a future promise! Adding Abundant P RF to the sire directory brings opportunities for Red and/or Polled Holstein breeders to use Ranger’s genetics.

Ranger, Yes and Woody are not available for export on the moment.

Striking catalog debut for Delta Maiko

The previous proof run introduced Delta Maiko as the most prominent daughter-proven newcomer. Delta Maiko (Perfect Aiko x Camion) is daughter-proven and currently available, his proof based on 496 daughters. Combining production (829), components (+0,23% Fat and +0,15% Protein), all-round conformation and positive daughter fertility (103) makes him a universal bull to use. With a plus for milk and protein percentage, high daughter fertility and positive health traits, Delta Maiko also breeds easy-to-manage cows.

Erie 54, Maiko daughter

Young sires

Delta Pitcher Red (Jetstream x Potter Pp x Aram) transmits very high daughter fertility (107) and udder health (108). He will breed daughters with ideal type, who will produce lots of protein (69kg) with surprising ease. Delta Jacko PP-Red (Leader Pp x Brasil x Snowfever) offers the complete Polled Package, starting with (+11%) Better Life Efficiency. He owes this score to a production of 960 kg milk with good components, combined with a very high expected longevity. Jacko has an overall good health trait profile and his daughters will maintain their production yield.

Premium milk

During this proof run, Delta Listrotto Red (Rody x Maestro RF x Atlantic) has improved himself tremendously on NVI (327), thanks to his high components (+0,22% Protein). Listrotto transmits an excellent longevity, combined with great health traits and strong feet & legs.

Polled newcomer enters MRIJ stage

Meervelder Primeur P (Don Quichot P x Ewald x Baltimore) carries 75% MRIJ and is heterozygous polled. His daughters have very good type and exceptional udders.

Primeur P