All-round CRV bulls are the way to healthy and efficient cows

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CRV bulls are the way to a healthy and more efficiency herd. Persistency, increasing production and good fertility and udder health are important building blocks for health for CRV Fleckvieh. An efficient herd produces more milk from the same amount of feed, has a long productive life and good beef production. The result is more enjoyable work, higher profits and lower emissions. Results we are happy to work with you to create.


Breeding bulls deserve world title

Worldcup (Wertvoll x Watt) has started his career as a breeding bull in the premier league. He is a very balanced bull for CRV Health (+6%) and CRV Efficiency (+6%). This is demonstrated by good milk production (+734 kg), beef index (111) and fitness traits. Worldcup’s daughters have good longevity (118), are fertile (116) and have healthy udders (114). He contributes good muscularity (muscularity) (110) with a wide frame (113), correct legs (110) and super udders (120). He also has A2A2.

Another new breeding bull with a famous pedigree is Hetwin (Haribo x Wobbler). His daughters are one of a kind and reflect the traits they inherit from an extremely strong and long-lived cow family. His dam, grand dam and great grand dam are still being milking on the farm and pregnant again. Hetwin combines good milk production (+789 kg) with good persistency (118) and a stable lactation curve. His daughters have high longevity (114) and are fertile (113), which results in a good score for CRV Efficiency (+7%). They are mid-sized framed cows with good legs (108) and udders (115).

Hetwin (v:Haribo)


Healthy mover

Oreo (Heiduck x Reumut) has moved up in almost all his breeding values. In addition to great milk production (+390 kg), his beef index (113) is a particular stand out feature. He is a true fitness bull with +8% CRV Health, thanks to good longevity (110), very high daughter fertility (120) and udder health (112). Although Oreo’s daughters are somewhat narrower in frame (101), they have a good beef index (113) and super udders (116). The udder attachment is very strong (121) with an ideal teat length (108) and teat thickness (109) and front teat placement (122). He transmits beta casein A2A2.


Perfect balance of health and efficiency

One of the best newcomers to the genomic ranking is Hombre (Hurly x Haribo). This highest ranked son by breeding bull Hurly offers the perfect balance of health and efficiency. His daughters have great milk production (+1046 kg) and he passes on a good beef index (108) and longevity (119). These traits are all important building blocks of CRV Efficiency (+11%). His daughters are very fertile (121) and persistent producers (114) which gives him a good CRV Health score of +9%. Hombre will produce daughters with average stature, very good legs (111) and perfectly formed udders (109) with an ideal teat placement.

The other promising newcomer is Zotter (Zalando x Varta). He descends from the Zeus pedigree and as he offers a different lineage, he makes a good outcross choice without compromising on quality. He transmits good, rich milk production (+621 kg) with + 0.10% fat and + 0.00% protein and adds a little more muscularity thanks to a good beef index (108). In addition, he contributes impressive longevity (128). To sum it up, cows with a long life who maintain good production, which is why he merits a high score for CRV Efficiency (+10%). The health building blocks persistency (120), fertility (112) and udder health (121) also add up to a good score for CRV Health (+9%). He is unique in combining this with a fast milking speed (121). As far as conformation is concerned, Zotter produces somewhat smaller cows with great udders (118) and correct legs (111). Both calving ease bulls are also A2A2.

Gatzell, Grandmother Zotter


All-round dual-purpose

Herry is one of the best Herzpochen sons (out of an Etoscha dam) and can be characterised as a real multi-purpose performer. He thanks this qualification as an all-round dual-purpose bull to the combination he offers of average milk production (+ 610 kg) with a positive protein percentage (+0.07%) and a high beef index (123). His daughters are not only brisk producers (116 milking speed) but also calve with ease (113) and have good longevity (113). His daughters will have a slightly larger stature (114) with a good frame (116) and correct udders (119).

CRV has a suitable bull for every type of farm and ambition. Together with the farmer, our aim is a healthy, problem-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk and guarantees high lifetime production.