Fleckvieh bulls provide reliable quality and solid, healthy cows

Mz Elite 110 (s. Raldi)

A healthy and efficient herd forms the basis for excellent lifetime production. Genetic progress remains the spearhead and consistent breeding delivers results. CRV offers dairy farmers a wide choice of Fleckvieh bulls for reliable quality and solid, healthy cows.

Continued reliable quality

Haddock and Rumbo are the number one and number two in the NVI ranking of daughter proven bulls in the Netherlands and Flanders. Other daughter proven bulls also retain their reliable quality. Including Wobbler, Mint, Haribo, Remmel, Raldi and Mesias. The daughter proven bull Mesias (Wille x Vanstein) is a promising bull with outstanding production (+127). His daughters excel through high protein contents and strong udders. The longevity of the daughters of the now ten-year-old bull Raldi (GS Rau x Poldi) continue to rise. The TMI (+126) and health traits also demonstrate an upward trend. Raldi daughters stand out thanks to their positive udder health (+127) with persistent production (+109). The bull excels in all health traits and the late maturing daughters (+122) therefore have long productive lives.


Walk is the new daughter proven bull

Walk (Watt x Reumut x Mado) is the new daughter proven bull on the map. With a positive score on TMI (+132), he is a balanced bull in terms of health (Better Life Health +6%) and efficiency (Better Life Efficiency +7%).


Promising young bulls

Icebreaker (Imperativ x Vollwert x Rurex) is a healthy and efficient bull with a TMI of 140, healthy feet and legs (+112) and good udder health (+110). Manaus (Miami x Polaroid x Everest) has a TMI of 138. Combined with high milk production (+1304 kg) and good feet and legs (116), this results in very efficient daughters which are easy to milk. Montur PS (Manolo Pp x Wildwest x Inhof) is a polled bull without the Mahango bloodline, but with high milk yields and protein (+0.06%).

To sum it up, this index run shows that CRV helps farmers breed a herd with better health, longevity and efficiency.