Big Boukje 192: 200,000 kg of milk

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18 years old, in perfect health and more than 200,000 kg of milk

The first cow in the Netherlands with lifetime production of more than 200,000 kg of milk is a reality. At the age of 18, Big Boukje 192, owned by dairy farm Knoef-Hendriksen in Geesteren (Ov), crossed this magical mark. A fantastic achievement of international stature.

Big Boukje 192 (EX90) was born on 10 October 1997. She calved14 times and her pedigree includes a number of illustrious CRV-bulls (Cash x Labelle x F16 x Tops). She has been an extremely healthy cow from the beginning with excellent levels of milk production. The proud owner and breeder Jos Knoef: ‘she has always been a special cow. Other cows just move out of the way when she approaches. They respect her.’

Impressive track record

As a true cow expert, Jos Knoef knows what he is talking about. The dairy farm he operates in partnership with his wife Ingrid, is the absolute champion in the Netherlands when it comes to durable cows. No less than 63 cows have already achieved the milestone of 100,000 kg of milk and with Big Boukje 192, they now have the first cow in the Netherlands producing double that quantity. On Wednesday 2 March, the final sampling took place and the balance was made up. The official counter now displays:

200.111 kg milk

4.61% fat

3.85% protein

16,930 kg fat and protein

Healthy old cows

By means of excellent care and a good genetic capacity, it is possible for cows to grow old in fine health and -as a result- achieve high lifetime production. There are increasingly more of that type of cow in the Netherlands; there are 40,000 cows exceeding the age of 10. More than 10,000 milk producing cows are older than 15 years of age. Every day, seven cows cross the mark of 100,000 kg of milk and this number is increasing every year.

Big Boukje 192 is the perfect example of a healthy milk producer every breeder would like to see. She is the crowning achievement of the Knoef family and CRV therefore sincerely congratulates them with this outstanding performance.

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