Herd Solutions

CRV wants to support farmers in breeding a herd in an efficient and easy way. For this support, CRV developed a few tools.

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Every dairy or beef farmer – wherever they are in the world – sets goals for their farm. These goals may differ depending on the farm or the region, but the herd is always at the heart of the business. The changing market conditions and the environment in which a farm is located will impact on how it is managed. That’s why dairy and beef farmers always think one step ahead: where do I want to go and what kind of herd do I need to get there?

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CRV aims to help farmers in breeding a healthy, profitable livestock. In addition, sustainability has a high priority. Many farmers indicate that their breeding goal is based on efficiency and health. To respond to this, we developed the Better Life Indices. The Better Life breeding values are relevant values: they easily help you breed a sustainable and future-proof livestock.

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Breeding is investing in the future and SireMatch will help you to make the right breeding decisions. CRV’s new breeding program is suitable for all modern herds’ needs and for every breeding goal, for every breed and for every cow. SireMatch finds the best unbiased mating.

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Increasing the effectiveness of the total herd on a dairy farm is a major challenge for dairy farmers worldwide. Fertility results play an important role in this. But where other heat detection systems only count steps, Ovalert goes further.

Besides detecting heat expression, Ovalert is able to automatically pick up signals that tell you about each animal’s health and well-being. Many behavior patterns that could indicate that there is something wrong with an animal are being automatically displayed and visualized via the Ovalert system with integrated health monitoring.

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