Better Life Efficiency

Efficiency-01You want to perform better with your existing herd? Now breed the best herd with the breeding indices Better Life Efficiency, because an efficient herd means a higher lifetime production with less feed.



Better Life Efficiency is a breeding value to breed for efficient cows:
– That produce much
– That are durable
– That convert feed efficiently into milk
Environmentally friendly, durable and very cost effective. Better Life Efficiency indicates how much of the absorbed energy is converted into milk in the entire life of the cow. In the calculation especially milk production, longevity and feed intake (improved) play an important role, but also the breeding values persistency, maturity, calving interval and calving age heifers are taken into account. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the daughters of a bull convert feed into milk.

See an example of what the breeding number Better Life Efficiency can do for your herd.