The breeding program that goes for gold


Efficiency, components, health, conformation and fertility; CRV’s bulls are truly going for gold in August’s index run. In addition, many bulls are also achieving amazingly high scores for Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency; breeding values that practical studies prove to lead to better performances and higher profitability. Danno, Browning, Antidote, Chuck and Nova Star are exemplary of bulls that place the bar high in breeding.

Among black-and-white bulls, Delta Bookem Danno (Bookem x Bolton, 345 NVI) is the first to start making a name for himself. Although he still features on the list of genomic tested bulls, he was awarded his breeding values for conformation in this index run based on his daughters. And they catapult Danno directly to a fantastic score of 116 for total conformation, with 115 points for legs and 110 for udders. To accompany these super scores, Danno passes on good milk production (+1239 kg) with positive scores for protein (+0.09%) and outstanding manageability (Better Life Health +8%). Rating 107 for udder health, 110 for claw health and 103 for fertility, Danno provides a full package of benefits.

These phenomenal results rank Danno alongside famous names such as Atlantic, Snowfever and G-Force. Following in their footsteps, Danno reigned for a lengthy period as CRV’s most popular InSire Top Bull.


Black-and white that excel in efficiency

Willem’s Hoeve R Browning (Snowman x Ramos, 329 NVI) is the highest daughter-tested black-and-white bull with a staggering conformation score of 118, rating 113 points for udders and feet & legs. Browning daughters produce a high volume of milk (+1725 kg) with great efficiency (Better Life Efficiency +9%) and have very healthy udders (108) and claws (111).

One of Browning’s half-brothers is Willem’s Hoeve R Universe (Snowman x Goldwyn, 258 NVI). His daughters are milkers who partner high production (+2040 kg) with efficiency (+8%) and excellent longevity (+501 days). Similar to Browning, he transmits a fantastic type (113) with 108 for udders and 111 for legs.

Taking silver in the rankings after Browning, is Delta Antidote (Augustus x Shottle, 309 NVI). Antidote produces daughters whose healthy udders (107) will efficiently (+13%) produce a lot of milk (+1069 kg milk) with a high fat content (+0.15%). They offer a fine confrontation (110) with very good udders (108) and legs (110). Antidote’s daughters benefit from healthy claws (106) and with a score of 105 for daughter fertility they become pregnant very easily. He also scores a good +7% for Better Life Health.

Thanks to his bloodline, Peak Chuck (Supershot x Ransom, 301 NVI) is a versatile InSire Top Bull suitable for a range of cows. Scoring no less than +9% for Better Life Health and +11% for Better Life Efficiency, he can be classified as a great all-rounder.

As well as giving his offspring impressive milk production (+1369 kg), Chuck’s inheritance pattern results in exceptionally high longevity (+868 days) and very healthy udders (107) and claws (105). This American Supershot son also gives amazing udders (108). All these favourable traits combine to make Chuck an appealing addition to CRV’s portfolio of bulls.

If you want efficient milking (+13%) then look no further than Delta Concert (Crescendo x

G-Force, 299 NVI). He passes on sky high production (+1816 kg) and partly thanks to this trait, this InSire Top Bull achieves a towering Inet (€ 377). Concert’s daughters inherit a very high longevity (+644 days) from their sire, with healthy udders (104) and claws (104). A great foundation to accomplish long lifetime production.

With +0.20% protein, Delta Alonso (Atlantic x Shottle, 227 NVI) represents a genuine boost to protein contents. His daughters are efficient producers (+7%) who offer excellent udders (108) and legs (110). Alonso’s package also contains a good figure of 104 for fertility and a very high score for claw health. This takes his health score to +7%.


High lifetime production from red-and-white InSire Top Bulls

American Nova Star (Delegate x Passe, 289 NVI) combines high milk production with outstanding protein inheritance (+0.09%) and magnificent conformation (112). Added to high longevity of +707 days, his score for efficiency is admirable (+7%). Very healthy (108) and good (111) udders can also be expected from Nova Star.

American Carnival (Jester rf x Try rf, 259 NVI) is another InSire Top Bull who passes on superb conformation (113). Particularly striking are the scores for udder (111) and legs (110). His descendants will produce plenty of milk (+945 kg) with high protein contents (+0.09%). Cows that combine beauty and milk in abundance.

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