CRV’s Fleckvieh bulls make breeding hard working and vital cows easy

Renaldi (s. Wobbler)

The August index shows that CRV’s Fleckvieh bulls support breeding a herd with productive and vital dairy cows. Hazari and Hetwin are hot newcomers at the top of the rankings, while daughter proven bulls Galileo, Wobbler and Remmel keep a strong hold on their positions.

New and high in the rankings is Hazari (Herz x Royal, 139 TMI). He is the ultimate bull for efficient milk production (+10% Better Life Efficiency) and with 126 for longevity this (genomic tested) InSire Top Bull’s daughters will be capable of very high lifetime production. Hazari has a profitable beef index (113) and transmits great health (+7% Better Life Health), with very good fertility (115) and udder health (112).


One of the best Haribo sons is Hetwin (Haribo x Wobbler, 135 TMI). This new InSire Top Bull transmits lots of milk (+1012 kg) that will be produced with high efficiency (+9%). His offspring will be large, muscular cows (109), with very good udders (115) and feet and legs (115). With a score of +7% for Better Life Health, 131 for calving ease and 109 for daughter fertility, farmers will enjoy milking Hetwin’s daughters.


Daughter proven bulls for economic production

Wobbler (Watnox x Mandela, 137 TMI) improved his figures and strengthened his already strong position in the rankings. He sires very productive (+1076 kg) and efficient cows (+8% Better Life Efficiency), with very good udders (108) and feet and legs (112). Wobbler’s daughters are healthy producers (+6% Better Life Health) and he has great scores for longevity (121), udder health (110) and calving ease (120).

Galileo (Osmium x Levier, 136 TMI) is a high ranking daughter proven bull with a Montbéliarde pedigree. Born in 2007, he continues to improve his breeding values. Galileo’s daughters are mid-sized cows with very good udders (115) and feet and legs (116). They are efficient (+8%) producers and with a health score of +6 %, they show great fertility (112) and healthy udders (116).

Remmel (Ricki x Rumgo, 132 TMI) is another daughter proven sire that brings lots of milk (+1111 kg) and efficiency (+6%). His daughters have excellent udders (123) and good udder health (103). They are strong, muscular (113) cows that perfectly illustrate Remmel’s suitability for modern dual purpose herds. Remmel should not be mated with cows that are FH2-carriers, since he is also a carrier of this genetic defect.

Hallo (s. Remmel)