CRV’s USA bulls improve the herds of the farmers

Sandy Valley Mogul Amy, granddam of Axxon

With the August proof run CRV continuously improves the herds of farmers who are looking for more efficient and healthy cows by adding 6 new Holstein bulls to our strong line up of healthy & efficient bulls and 4 bulls adding more progeny info.

Liner checks all the boxes for efficiency and health. He is 158 pounds of CFP with fat and protein percentages of 0.10% and 0.06%, in combination with 5.7 Productive Life and has exceptionally fertile daughters as well at +2.6 DPR, which explains why his daughters are so efficient at 11% Better Life Efficiency. His high daughter fertility and an Udder Health score of 106 are eye-catching, looking at his Health figures.

Zeppelin is a fantastically efficient outcross sire. He scores 13% for Better Life Efficiency and is over 70 pounds of protein while being only 0.08 for stature and long lasting with 7.7 productive Life. His Ferdinand x Stoic sire stack also makes him extremely easy to use across the herd while not sacrificing health and fertility at +2.9 DPR and 104 for Hoof Health,  leading to 4% Better Life Health.

Matcrest California ET, dam of Zeppelin

Barkley is the definition of efficiency at 13% Better Life Efficiency and efficiency in the calving pen at 5.2 SCE! He is over 140 pounds of CFP with negative stature and a unique pedigree as a Superman x Tango. Barkley also does not sacrifice in health traits, with a Better Life Health score of 4% and a score for Ketosis of 105.

Strategy is a health specialist at 6% Better Life Health. He is +3.3 DPR, 6.2 SCE and is an incredible 2.58 SCS to go along with an overall Udder Health score of 108 and a Hoof Health score of 104. Strategy does all of this while not sacrificing efficiency, having a +0.19% fat and +0.06% protein, 7.7 Productive Life and average stature, leading to 11% Better Life Efficiency.

Axxon is another unique-pedigreed addition to the CRV lineup. He is an Expresso son from a Nominee dam with over 150 pounds of CFP. He excels in total pounds of production at over 1900 and still maintains a positive daughter fertility.

Caleb is our lineup leader for protein production at 75 pounds. He is an exceptional volume producer that is also positive for his component percentages! He checks in at 5% for BLE and will also provide ketosis resistance at 106.

Sand Valley Carrotcake ET, dam of Caleb

Current CRV Holstein sires also had an excellent day with Landon adding calving ease observations and reducing his SCE to 4.9. He appears to be the only sire in the breed with Protein greater than 70 and SCE less than 5.

Grand, Allstar and Case added more US daughters. Allstar and Grand both improve efficiency within the herds both with over 100 pounds of CFP and 3.3 Productive Life. Case is a high component daughter proven bull and his daughters are Healthy, as Case has with 103 a positive score for Hoof Health, with 104 a positive score for less Ketosis and an Udder Health score of 105.

Steeges Jans 44 (Grand)