High ranking Fleckvieh bulls to boost economic results

Schari (s. Waidhaus)

With Walk firmly holding the number one position in the Fleckvieh rankings, CRV introduces the new number two: Varta. These bulls will give a tremendous boost to future herd economics, as will their daughter proven colleagues Wildgast, Waidhaus and Riaza.
The index run of 6 December shows great results for CRV‘s Fleckvieh bulls. Well known sires like Raldi, Wobbler and Mungo have sustained their strong positions and Walk has held onto his number one position at 145 gGZW.
Varta (Valeur x Vogt, 139 gGZW) climbed the rankings and now stands just behind Walk in the runner-up position. Varta inherits lots of milk (+1095 kg) and a fantastic efficiency (Better Life Efficiency +11%) to his offspring. With a great fitness score of 121 his daughters will also be healthy and easy to manage.

Daughter proven bulls to strengthen herd results
Wildgast, Waidhaus and Riaza are three new daughter proven bulls with figures that are still fresh.
Wildgast (Wildwest x Inder, 128 gGZW) is a bull that transmits high production (+1067 kg) with a very high production efficiency (+9%). Wildgast daughters are medium sized cows with very good udders.


Wildi (s. Wildgast)

Daughters of Waidhaus (Wildwest x Mandela, 128 gGZW) are strong and healthy (+8%) cows. Waidhaus combines high milk inheritance (+978 kg) with a +0.05 for protein. This results in a very high production index (126) and great efficiency (+6%).

The udders of Riaza daughters are of a phenomenal quality (127) with excellent teat placement. Riaza (Ruptal x Rau, 120 gGZW) also inherits very good udder health (112) and high longevity (116). These cows are a real pleasure to work with.


Gams (s. Riaza)