Ideal dairy cows that excel in health

Hedra Lize 520 (Danno)

CRV is making rapid progress in health and efficiency improvement

The index run of April 2017 illustrates the rapid progress CRV is making in breeding bulls that boost herd efficiency and health. In the black-and-white segment, Danno, Esperanto and Empire are causing a stir. Rody is an impressive rising star in the red-and-whites and many daughters of former InSire Top bulls are producing their first milk.

Breeding efficient and healthy cows is a goal that perfectly reflects an age in which farmers aim to optimally utilise their farms’ production capacity using animals that are resilient and able to achieve high lifetime production. The April index run showcases a number of bulls exemplary of the progress being booked by CRV in these areas. These bulls also prove that outstanding production traits can be partnered with good fertility.

Delta Bookem Danno (Bookem x Bolton, 384 NVI) is a wonderful example to lead the line-up. His daughters have improved his ratings for traits including milk production (+1542 kg), longevity (+551 days) and fertility (104). Danno is firmly in the saddle leading the field of black-and-white daughter proven bulls and is a great all-rounder scoring +8% for Better Life Health and +9% for Better Life Efficiency. His versatility is completed by an exceptionally high score for confirmation of 115, with 110 for udders and 115 for legs.

Weelder Esperanto (Final x G-Force, 401 NVI) is the highest ranking InSire Top bull at the moment. Alongside impressive scores for Better Life Efficiency (+15%) and Better Life Health (+8%), Esperanto transmits beautiful conformation (113) with fantastic udders (112) and legs (111). Esperanto daughters produce plenty of milk (+1724 kg) and have the persistence for prolonged production. Their high longevity score of +858 days means they are productive for a year longer than average, as well as giving amazing fertility (104), udder health (105) and very healthy claws (107).

Another top flight offering among the InSire top bulls is Weelder Empire (Bravo x G-Force, 366 NVI). Esperanto’s half brother scores extremely well for Better Life Efficiency (+14%) and Better Life Health (+12%) combining this with high components (+0.45% fat and +0.23% protein) and exceptionally good longevity (+944 days). Empire produces a slightly lighter-framed cow, that scores high across the board of health and fertility traits. Examples include wonderful udder health (109), claw health (109), fertility (104) and ketosis (105). Empire also makes the ideal bull for maiden heifers (calving ease 113).

Healthy, fertile cows with Jupiler & daughters prove Vitesse’s quality

Delta Jupiler (Amigo x Snowfever CD, 344 NVI) is a supreme example of a bull that breeds a healthy herd (+11%). He garners high scores for all elements of health including claw health (107), ketosis (104), calving ease (112) and udder health (109). Added to the fantastic fertility figures (107) it’s plain to see why Jupiler has all the ingredients necessary to breed ideal dairy cows. Cows that are efficient producers (+6%), with good milk production (+1126 kg) and a positive protein score (+0.04%). Jupiler also passes on outstanding conformation (111), with excellent udders (109) and legs (108).

The daughters of popular InSire top bull AH Vitesse (Gravity x Jardin, 220 NVI) are coming into milk production and their performances are testimony to his qualities. With 988 daughters entering his production breeding values at once, Vitesse ranks very high for efficiency (+7%), high components (+0.27% fat and +0.11% protein) and notes remarkable scores for legs (109), claw health (109) and ketosis (105). Vitesse produces healthy cows (+5%) that mature late, with low feed consumption per kg milk.

Lucille 12 (Vitesse) eig: HJ de Jongh Vof, Lienden

Lucille 12, s. Vitesse

Red-and-white champions in longevity & daughters confirm qualities of Arroyo sons Colorado and Valentino

Colorado and Valentino were already popular choices as InSire Top bulls. These two red-and-white bulls have gained their first daughter breeding values in this April index run and the figures speak volumes about their qualities. Aalshorst Rody takes pole position among the red-and-white marker tested bulls. He is a true champion in longevity, just like Rijnhof DG Spitfire.

Scoring +16% for Better Life Efficiency makes Aalshorst Rody (Riverboy RF x Fanatic, 329 NVI) the absolute champion at converting feed into milk, with minimal losses. In addition, Rody ranks as the highest placed red-and-white InSire top bull. He transmits exceptionally high milk production (+1503 kg) and combines a low feed intake with extremely good longevity (+904 days). His healthy (+6%) daughters produce for more than a year longer than average, performing very well from excellent (109) and healthy udders (106). They also offer magnificent legs (108) and healthy claws (104). Rody is very suitable for use with maiden heifers (107).

Rijnhof DG Spitfire (Riverboy RF x Supersire, 300 NVI) descends from a family of cows that excels in high lifetime production partnered with high scores for conformation. That heritage is reflected in Spitfire’s remarkable scores for these traits. He combines high milk production (+963 kg), with great longevity (+853 days), resulting in a high efficiency of +9%. Spitfire inherits healthy (+8%) cows with superlative (111), healthy udders (107) and claws (105).

Delta Colorado’s (Arroyo x Lawn Boy Red, 232 NVI) breeding values demonstrate his worth as a bull that improves health (+6%) and conformation levels in a herd. A trio of top scores for udder (113), legs (109) and total (113) demonstrate Colorado’s impressive credentials. His daughters also boast very healthy udders (107) and claws (106).

Hedra Sientje 535 + Hedra Alumette 523 (R)(Colorado)

Hedra Sientje 535 + Hedra Alumette 523 (R)(Colorado)

Delta Valentino (Arroyo x Kylian, 203 NVI) gives daughters blessed with fabulous legs (110) and udders (108). He also boosts efficiency (+5%) and the protein component (+0.13%) of the herd and his daughters produce from healthy udders (104).