Solid foundation for a better financial future

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Zandenburg Rocky Ebony 1 (right) and 2 (left) (s. Rocky). Owner: Sommers Veehouderij VOF

With milk prices rising, farmers can gradually start to repair the economic damage. The choice of bulls today lays the firm foundations for the financial results of tomorrow. CRV’s line up of bulls is ready and waiting to play an important role. Danno, the world’s highest ranking daughter proven bull, is an outstanding example.

Profitable milking with black-and-white InSire top bulls
Vendairy Sidekick (Supershot x Bookem, 355 NVI) is one of CRV’s top flight InSire bulls and is intensively used in the breeding programme. He transmits a fabulous combination of extremely high efficiency (+11%) and amazing good health (+10%). Sidekick produces robust, high production (+1250 kg) cows with outstanding (109) udders with exceptionally good udder health (112). The extreme longevity of +874 days makes him an unbeaten world champion for longevity. Sidekick’s daughters are fertile (105) and inherit the capacity to produce A2 milk from their sire.

Delta Wisent RF (Whatsapp RF x Atlantic, 314 NVI) produces daughters that produce copious milk volumes (+1336 kg). He ranks high for health (+8%) and efficiency (+7%) and rates high scores for udder health (108), claw health (106) and ketosis (104). With a very good longevity score of +780 days, Wisent daughters will feature for a year longer than normal in the barn. Wisent descends from the same cow family as Danillo and passes on great conformation (112), with super udders (110) and very good legs (108).

Delta Magister (Whattsapp RF x Direct, 307 NVI) is a black-and-white InSire top bull that can help today’s farmers lay firm foundations for extra milk revenue. He passes on high milk production to his daughters (+ 1318 kg), combined with a high protein content (+0.14%). This skill ranks him a sky-high Inet of €374 and an extremely high score for efficient production (Better Life Efficiency + 14%). Magister inherits good udders (107) and impressive longevity (+693 days). He also rates highly for health (Better Life Health +7%), scoring high for udder health (107) and ketosis (104). Magister is an ideal bull for maiden heifers (calving ease 107) and he is perfect for farmers who aim to breed for A2 milk.

World class black-and-white daughter proven bulls
Delta Bookem Danno (Bookem x Bolton, 357 NVI) is the highest ranked daughter proven bull available based on NVI. What he passes on is stunning conformation of 117, with the phenomenal leg quality (117) and healthy claws (108) that mark out Danno daughters. Danno daughters are a delight to manage (+7% Better Life Health) and have very good (110) and healthy (107) udders. Over 800 daughters are in his production index and together they score 11% above herd average.


Baukje Hiem cb 1723 (s. Bonaparte)

Daughter proven Delta Bonaparte (Bonanza x Shottle, 255 NVI) is a premium bull to improve contents (+0.36% fat and +0.20% protein) and conformation (112 total). His daughters are large and wide-framed and have great udders (110) and good legs (109). Bonaparte shares the same cow family as Delta Antidote and produces easy to manage cows (Better Life Health +5%), with healthy udders (107), claws (106) and low sensitivity to ketosis (110).

Numbering almost 10,000 daughters in his breeding values for production, Delta G-Force (Man-O-Man x Jordan, 255 NVI) continues his impressive track-record. His daughters are very efficient producers (+11%) of high milk volumes (+830 kg) with excellent contents (+0.18% fat and +0.16% protein). G-Force offspring have superb udders and legs and high fertility (104) combined with outstanding claw health (105).

If the breeders choose Bouw Rocky (Shamrock x Goli, 235 NVI), they can expect sound cows with good contents (+0.12% fat and +0.03% protein). Rocky shares the same cow family as the famous CRV bulls Bouw Rocky and Bouw Snowfever. Rocky produces robust daughters with outstanding conformation (110) and very good (108) udders. His descendants are healthy (+7%) and his genes are ideal to boost udder health (107) and reduce the incidence of ketosis (111).


Zandenburg Rocky Ebony 1 (s. Rocky)

Red-and-white bulls partner milk and protein
In the form of American Nova Star (Delegate x Passe, 304 NVI), CRV has a red-and-white udder specialist (111) on its books, one who also passes on highly efficient (+9%) milk production. His descendants will produce plenty of milk (+867 kg) with good protein contents (+0.08%). Nova Star also contributes fine longevity (+779 days) and udder health (111).

Delta Rosebud (Filou x Atlantic, 260 NVI) is bull that inherits an impressive milk pool (+856 kg) and, moreover, increases the protein content (+0.10%) . Rosebud daughters will feature outstanding udders (109) and excellent health (+7%) . With his A2A2 inheritance pattern, this son of Filou is also suitable to breed cows that produce A2 milk.

Another winner in the milk production (+833 kg) and protein content increasing stakes (+0,04%) is Delta Ticket (Colorado x Chanel, 232 NVI). Ticket is a bull that gives cows with sterling udders (110). He also passes on good udder health (104) and his daughters have low sensitivity to ketosis (103).

An amazingly high score for udders (113) is what really marks out Delta Webmail (Whatsapp x Rozello, 287 NVI). He passes on high milk production (+996 kg), efficiently produced (+6%) by his daughters. Webmail also gives his daughters good udder health (106) and noting a calving ease score of 107, he is the ideal bull to use on maiden heifers.