Top bulls for healthy cash cows

Sneeker 664 (s. Danno)

August’s index run features a wealth of bulls that will boost farm profits. Whether farmers focus on increasing the components, or increasing milk production, there is a huge choice to suit everyone who wants to achieve better financial results with a healthy herd.

Danno and Esperanto hold onto their top ranking for black-and-white daughter proven and genome tested bulls successively. Delta Bookem Danno (Bookem x Bolton, 393 NVI) even improved his NVI-score. His score for fertility increased by two points to reach 106 and his breeding value for longevity rose by more than 150 days (currently 711 days), a huge compliment from his users. Scoring +9% for both Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency, Danno is the ideal bull to breed healthy and efficient cows.

Weelder Esperanto (Final x G-Force, 425 NVI) transmits sky-high efficiency (+15%), outstanding health (+9%) and very good conformation (114). A longevity score of +954 days equips the daughters of this InSire Top Bull to produce on average a good lactation longer, which, in view of his high score for passing on plenty of milk (+1709 kg), is welcome news.

Black-and-white bulls for healthy, productive cattle

Another black-and-white InSire Top Bull with a wide appeal to farmers is Double W Rush Hour (Final x Snowfever, 378 NVI). He combines plentiful milk (+1353 kg) with high components (+0.13% fat and +0.14% protein) and very good conformation (113). These figures add up to an unprecedented Inet (economic production index) of €417. Rush Hour daughters will produce extremely efficiently (+9%) in good health (+8%) with remarkably high scores for udder health (109).

Among the daughter proven bulls, Apina Malcolm RF (Stellando x Ramos, 283 NVI) stands out from the crowd. His daughters produce a lot of milk (+1578 kg) with very high efficiency (+12%). They account for Malcolm’s amazing Inet score of €385 so they are cash cows in the truest sense. Malcolm daughters are healthy (+6%), with very good legs (110) and healthy claws (107). And, as a bonus, he offers Triple-A system users the much sought-after code 456.

Riethoeve Roos (s. Malcolm RF)

Daughter proven Delta Saxobeat (Epic x Bolton, 273 NVI) is a bull with high economic value (€326 Inet). He transmits milk in abundance (+1364 kg) and wonderful conformation (112 total, 110 udders and 108 legs). Saxobeat daughters are robust, healthy (+5%) cows with equally healthy claws (109).

Black-and-white bulls with high components

Climbing rapidly up the charts is daughter proven Bouw Rocky (Shamrock x Goli, 278 NVI). He has risen by 57 NVI points and is a genuine specialist in the field of components (+0.23% fat and +0.11% protein) and health. His towering scores for Better Life Health (+12%), fertility (109), udder health (109) and claw health (108) speak volumes.

Marjon 85 (s. Rocky)

InSire Top Bull Double W Ranger (Reflector x Snowfever, 323 NVI) also passes on high components (+0.25% fat and +0.06% protein), as well as combining outstanding milk production (+1160 kg) and high efficiency (+9%). Range’s progeny are healthy (+6%) and scoring 106 for calving ease, he is ideal for use on maiden heifers. In addition he offers Triple-A system users the much sought after code 531.

 Lots of milk and high efficiency with red-and-white

Several interesting bulls that partner good production traits with good conformation are appearing in the red-and-white segment. Two fine examples are Prestige and Moscato.

Barendonk Prestige-Red (Brasil x Brekem, 302 NVI) is an InSire Top Bull who gives highly efficient (+9%) and productive (+1330 kg) daughters. They inherit excellent conformation (114) and he is also a real udder specialist (115).

Delta Moscato-Red P (Brasil x Deluxe P, 289 NVI) produces polled cattle, passes on great udders and legs and his daughters give milk rich in components (+0.33% fat and +0.09% protein). That milk is produced highly efficiently (+11%) and Moscato also offers an amazing conformation score of 111, with very good udders (112) and legs (109).

Red-and-white bulls for a fertile herd

Horst Pascal (Glorious x Fidelity, 202 NVI) also has daughters in production who demonstrate his excellent ability for component inheritance (+0.58% fat and +0.26% protein). They produce efficiently (+6%) and have fabulous fertility (104).

Irene 104 (s. Pascal)