Top lineup to improve herd efficiency

Peak Jett Liner
Peak Jett Liner

The USA-based index run shows a great lineup of CRV bulls to improve production efficiency in the herd. Draftking, Liner and Hotline are high ranking, genomic tested bulls, while CRV also has a great selection of daughter proven bulls to support farm economics.

Holding a skyhigh position in the US rankings, we present Peak Draftking (Bourbon x Mogul Delta, 2891 TPI). With +1766 lbs for milk and positive fat and protein contents he scores a great Net Merit$ of +1008 and an excellent +12% for Better life Efficiency. This means that during their lifetimes Draftking’s daughters will produce plenty of milk with a low feed consumption. Draftking inherits great udders (+2.35 UDC), combined with a long productive life (+8.7 PL) and very good daughter fertility (+3.2 DPR). Draftking will become available later in 2018.

Another new bull that combines a high Net Merit (NM$ 818) with a long productive life (+6.0 PL) is Peak Jett Liner (Jett x Tango, 2.743 TPI). Thanks to this mix he scores a great +10% for Better Life Efficiency. Liner inherits very good fertility (+2.9 DPR) and great hoof health (104) and udder health (106).

Peak Hotline-ET (Hotrod x Mogul, 2,713 TPI) is an internationally high ranking bull. Hotline transmits excellent type (3.03 PTAT) with great udders (2.75) and feet and legs (2.16). His daughters will have excellent milk production (+1,276 lbs) with high components (+0.16% fat and +0.06% protein), produced with great efficiency (+8% Better Life Efficiency) and from udders with excellent udder health (108).

Daughter proven bulls for high efficiency The December proofrun CRV also add’s a couple of high ranking new daughter proven bulls to the line up. Flevo Genetics Whatsapp rf (Supersire x Superstition, 2,486 TPI) is an excellent daughter proven bull who will improve productive life (+8.4 PL) and health (+6% Better life Health). Whatsapp daughters have great fertility (+4.2 DPR) and hoof health (105).

Sterksel Vivian 2 RF (s. Whatsapp Rf)

Sterksel Vivian 2 RF (s. Whatsapp Rf)

Covik Mona 1 (s. Whatsapp Rf)

Covik Mona 1 (s. Whatsapp Rf)

Regancrest McCutch (McCutchen x Dorcy, 2480 TPI) is a high type, daughter proven bull (+3.29 PTAT), with an excellent udder score (+3.10 UDC) and very good feet and legs (+2.36 FLC). Regan’s daughters are very efficient producers (+8%) and they have fantastic udder health (108).

The daughters of Grand (Mogul x Altaiota, 2,383 TPI) are very efficient producers (+7%). In his inheritance Grand combines very good milk production (+1.586 lbs) with high type (+2.62 PTAT) with fine udders (+2.35 UDC). Grand is also a great bull to compensate a low milking speed (109).

With his extreme score of +15% for Better Life Efficiency, Tollenaars Indiana Jones (Robust x Indiana, 2,338 TPI) is the champion of efficient milk production. Jones adds premium milk to any herd with his scores of +1,131 lbs milk with +0.17% fat and +0.03% protein. His daughters are medium-sized and last longer, explaining their great efficiency.

Seagull Bay Allstar (Mogul x Planet, 2,373 TPI) is another bull with a great score for Better Life Efficiency (+9%). He transmits lots of milk (+1,597 lbs) and excellent type (+2.57 PTAT) with great udders (+2.53 UDC). His daughters walk on healthy hoofs (104).