A look behind the scenes at the CRV test farms

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The ten CRV test farms in the Netherlands and Flanders have a vital role to play in the breeding programme. Due to the corona restrictions, visiting the farms is still not possible. But a film can also take you behind the scenes. The heart of CRV’s Holstein breeding programme is... read more ›
Ing. Ondřej Kubala – herd manager

Significantly less hormones and reinseminations

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At ZOD Borovany people have more time for animals, because reproduction has been for nearly two years watched over by Ovalert. Reproduction problems ­„We had to solve reproduction problems with our heifers,“ Ondřej Kubala starts his story. „First step we had made was barn reconstruction in 2018, but we... read more ›

Flagship of breeding for durability Apina Nadja produces 100,000 kg of milk

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Apina Nadja has fulfilled her potential. One of the most influential cows in CRV’s breeding programme has high breeding values for health, fertility and longevity. And she also passes these traits on to her countless offspring. Apina Nadja has never caused any problems for owners Wim and Theo Bleser. She... read more ›
Production data

Breeding values and actual daughter productions in figures

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Statistics addicts can feast their eyes on these tables: they present the actual production figures of the most important and most popular bulls. A lower limit of at least 75 milk records per lactation applies. Transmission of +750 for kilos of milk, –0.10% for fat and +45 for kilos of... read more ›
Aleš Pokorný, executive head

Ovalert: useful system not only for dairy herds

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Unification of calving to shortest period possible and improvement of pregnancy results were the main goals of Aleš Pokorný, when he decided to use Ovalert on the farm in Rešice, which is one of the top charolais farms in the Czech Republic. Today, after less than a year, he is... read more ›