All-round CRV bulls are the way to healthy and efficient cows

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CRV bulls are the way to a healthy and more efficiency herd. Persistency, increasing production and good fertility and udder health are important building blocks for health for CRV Fleckvieh. An efficient herd produces more milk from the same amount of feed, has a long productive life and good beef... read more ›

Component-rich CRV bulls are the way to healthy and efficient cows

CRV bulls are the way to a healthy and more efficient herd. Higher components in milk convert into more cash and are an important building block of higher efficiency. Along with this edition of the index run, CRV is also introducing its unique breeding value for feed efficiency. Cows with... read more ›
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CRV looks proudly ahead with its renewed logo

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For over 100 years, CRV has cooperated with farmers all over the world to improve their herds. This rich tradition forms the foundation of CRV.  Throughout these years, data has been collected from millions of cows. This data provides a reliable basis for the development of genetics and information products... read more ›

New board drives CRV’s growth ambitions

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The appointment of Angus Haslett as Chief Executive Officer and Egon Verheijden as Chief Financial Officer has completely reshaped the top tier of management at CRV. The boards mandate is to further strengthen CRV’s position as a leading international company in genetic material and data to drive growth. Since... read more ›
feed efficiency

CRV introduces breeding value feed efficiency

category Breeding, Genetics
In December, CRV is introducing a new breeding value for its own bulls, which will enable a targeted and direct way to breed for feed efficiency. The index indicates how much more milk is produced by daughters of a particular bull using a kilogram of dry matter feed intake, compared... read more ›