Bullseye: non-return with bulls

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The bull charts listing breeding values also state the non-return rate of the bulls. But what are the factors behind that figure and what do we use it for? The non-return breeding value is indicative of the fertility of a bull’s daughters, while the non-return rate of a bull is... read more ›

Only the very best are promoted to embryo donor

category Breeding, Genetics
They are the power ladies behind three quarters of the bulls reared by CRV every year. But who are the elite league of female animals that live at the Dairy Breeding Center in Wirdum? Marcel Fox, coordinator of the Delta breeding programme, introduced Veeteelt journal to the donors. <<Read the... read more ›

Precise selection with more embryos

category Breeding, Genetics
The Dairy Breeding Center plays a key role in CRV’s breeding programme. Around three-quarters of the bulls bred by CRV every year come from embryos produced by animals on the brand new nucleus breeding farm. How exactly does this embryo production process work? The Dutch magazine ‘Veeteelt’ has published an... read more ›

CRV’s USA bulls improve the herds of the farmers

With the August proof run CRV continuously improves the herds of farmers who are looking for more efficient and healthy cows by adding 6 new Holstein bulls to our strong line up of healthy & efficient bulls and 4 bulls adding more progeny info. Liner checks all the boxes for efficiency... read more ›

Top bulls for healthy cash cows

August’s index run features a wealth of bulls that will boost farm profits. Whether farmers focus on increasing the components, or increasing milk production, there is a huge choice to suit everyone who wants to achieve better financial results with a healthy herd. Danno and Esperanto hold onto their top... read more ›