Popular bulls meet expectations as breeding bulls

The outbreak of coronavirus is severely affecting our daily lives. But despite this, the bulls have been allocated their new breeding values ‘as usual’. The five-yearly baseline base change has also been implemented and show that herds have made enormous genetic progress. Especially for all health traits and longevity the... read more ›

Proven performers and promising talent for Fleckvieh

The entire world is feeling the impact of coronavirus. Beef and dairy farmers are also confronted with the effects every day, but continue to play their part in maintaining the continuity of food supplies worldwide. We are immensely proud of these heroes! It is also business as usual for semen... read more ›
Jan Lok working from home

‘We are very close to our distributors and subsidiaries’

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Interview with Jan Lok – Managing Director BU Global Sales COVID-19 does not care about national borders. And CRV’s Global Sales people know what that means  better than anyone. Jan Lok, managing director, sees that this situation requires a different approach. ‘We can no longer visit the farmer as we... read more ›

CRV takes actions to prevent spreading of the Coronavirus

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To prevent the Coronavirus from further spreading CRV implements several actions. This is done in alignment with the recommendations of the local governments in the countries where CRV is present. Our field staff will continue servicing the farms where this is allowed by the local authorities and the safety of... read more ›

Feed efficiency requires the correct context

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Are Jersey cows more efficient at converting feed than Holsteins and is there a variance in the feed efficiency rates of heifers and older cows? Practical experience shows that anyone want to apply the feed efficiency index must interpret the underlying figures correctly. ‘When a dairy farm has to buy... read more ›