Hedra Sientje 535 + Hedra Alumette 523 (R)(Colorado)

CRV shows daughter groups and embryo donors at NRM 2017

With the theme of ‘Better Cows l Better Life’, CRV will be showing a group of six embryo donors for the first time at the NRM 2017. These animals all have a high genetic ranking and have been used in the CRV breeding programme. CRV will also be showing six... read more ›
Jan Siemen (links) en Siemen van Berkum
Elagaaster Janke 361      NL 721246255
V: Aswin
Eig: Melkveebedrijf van Berkum, Elahuizen
Opname: 17 april 2014 - M 1404143

CRV welcomes two new test farms

category Breeding, Genetics, Other
About one month ago, two new farms has become a CRV test farm. It are the farms of Arjan and Saskia van Erp (Midwolda) and family Van Berkum (Elahuizen). CRV has now 9 test farms in total.  On the CRV test farms the Delta heifers show CRV’s breeding program in... read more ›

Efficient dairy cows with high ranking Fleckvieh bulls

April’s index run shows CRV’s progress in breeding for efficient cows with great longevity. Wobbler, Remmel, Perfekt and Windsor are impressive bulls for Fleckvieh breeders wanting to use the full potential of their farms’ production capacity. Wobbler (Watnox x Mandela, 135 TMI) firmly holds his strong position in the rankings,... read more ›
Hedra Lize 520 (Danno) 
eig: Mts. E.J.H. & A.J.E. Vernooij, Schalkwijk

Ideal dairy cows that excel in health

CRV is making rapid progress in health and efficiency improvement The index run of April 2017 illustrates the rapid progress CRV is making in breeding bulls that boost herd efficiency and health. In the black-and-white segment, Danno, Esperanto and Empire are causing a stir. Rody is an impressive rising star... read more ›

News breeding value estimation April 2017

The national Dutch/Flemish breeding value estimation has been changed in the following ways: Starting April 2017, the calculation of production breeding values will include testdays from the first five lactations of an animal. Up until now, three lactations were used. Furthermore, the calculations will be based on information of the... read more ›