Peak Jett Liner

Top lineup to improve herd efficiency

The USA-based index run shows a great lineup of CRV bulls to improve production efficiency in the herd. Draftking, Liner and Hotline are high ranking, genomic tested bulls, while CRV also has a great selection of daughter proven bulls to support farm economics. Holding a skyhigh position in the US... read more ›
Henny 4273 and Dir. Joyce 361 (s. Nova PP)

Bulls for vital herds with outstanding financial results

December’s index run presents a rich gift to farmers of bulls that produce healthy cows capable of high fat and protein production. The selection includes bulls that excel in component inheritance as well as high milk production. With four, high-ranking sons among the black-and-white genomic tested bulls, Bouw Finder firmly... read more ›
Gams (s. Riaza)

Healthy Fleckvieh herds with strong financial results

category Fleckvieh, Index run
Farmers looking to improve farm economics with a healthy herd are being served by an interesting CRV selection of Fleckvieh bulls. InSire Top bulls Worldcup and Wave and daughter proven bulls Riaza and Mint present their convincing qualities in this field. Worldcup (Wertvoll x Watt, 135 gGZW) is a great... read more ›

News breeding value estimation December 2017

The national Dutch/Flemish breeding value estimation has been changed in the following way: New breeding value for saved feed cost: Starting april 2016, GES has been publishing breeding values for feed intake. This breeding value displays how much extra feed an animal needs per day. The intake of feed is... read more ›

Bullseye: non-return with bulls

category Breeding, Genetics, Other
The bull charts listing breeding values also state the non-return rate of the bulls. But what are the factors behind that figure and what do we use it for? The non-return breeding value is indicative of the fertility of a bull’s daughters, while the non-return rate of a bull is... read more ›