Figures confirmed: Dutch cows produce more milk and becoming older and healthier

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For years, the Netherlands has ranked among the best in class in terms of milk production per cow. Last year, a record for lifetime production was reached averaging 34,000 litres. Our recently published annual statistics reveal that higher production does not compromise the length of a cow’s life. The milk... read more ›
Daughter fertility

Poor daughter fertility one of the major culling reasons

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Improving fertility will therefore shorten the calving interval, increase the lifetime of a cow, lower insemination efforts and reduce veterinary treatments. Since 2010, the calving interval of cows in the Netherlands has been reduced by 10 days to 407 . Fertility is one of the building blocks of CRV Health.... read more ›
Arjen Vernooij with 100.000kg cows longevity

Lifetime production per cow jumps to record levels

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The lifetime production of Dutch dairy cows jumped to record levels in the 2019-2020 financial year. The average lifetime production realised by the cows has increased by almost 2500 kg of milk and 200 kg of fat and protein to 34,000 kg of milk, 1481 kg of fat and 1210... read more ›

Many Cows and a Standard of Quality

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At 3 locations, Arjan and Karin Backx keep a total of almost 3,000 cows, with each one being important to them. Despite rapid expansion Arjan never has given up his high standard of quality. At the time when Arjan Backx came to Germany, his parents run an 80-cow dairy... read more ›

CRV Health and Efficiency in breeding bring visible results

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Ask any dairy farmer, anywhere in the world, to describe their breeding goals and irrespective of the breed of cattle, the answers will be very similar. The nuances of their breeding strategy and choices differ marginally, determined by the local market and the production conditions. But high on every farmer’s... read more ›