CRV bulls accomplish excellent lifetime production with high components

A healthy and efficient herd stands at the base of an excellent lifetime production. Genetic progression is the key, and consistent breeding brings results. CRV offers you an extensive sire selection for improving your herd with an excellent lifetime production and high components. Daughter proven sires confirm predictions During the... read more ›

Impressive CRV progeny groups at NRM 2019

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Our progeny- and  theme groups at the NRM 2019 have given a good impression of how CRV genetics can improve the health and efficiency of your herd. On Friday June 28, CRV showed 3 progeny groups and two theme groups.  Next to many visitors from The Netherlands, also the international... read more ›

More than 350 international guests at NRM 2019

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CRV Global Sales has welcomed more than 350 guests from 35 different countries during NRM 2019. It was another succesfull edition! The NRM is over… But we can look back at a very good, interesting and succesfull NRM week! The first guests arrived already at the beginning of the week... read more ›
Heizenhof Clara 135, high components

Themegroup NRM: Proven cows with high components

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For years, Dutch Holstein cows have stood out as a breed that embodies longevity and high component percentages. To secure profits on dairy farms, it’s vital that the herd produces milk with high added value over a long period of time. In other words; efficient, healthy cows that produce milk... read more ›
Delta Rora, donor theme group at RM

Elite Donors: theme group at the NRM

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At the NRM, CRV will again be showing a group of six elite donors. This group of donors are cattle who rank among the top scorers of their year based on their genomic breeding values. The Delta donors have all been used as maiden heifers in the Delta Satellite programme.... read more ›