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Breeding values and actual daughter productions in figures

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Statistics addicts can feast their eyes on these tables: they present the actual production figures of the most important and most popular bulls. A lower limit of at least 75 milk records per lactation applies. Transmission of +750 for kilos of milk, –0.10% for fat and +45 for kilos of... read more ›
Aleš Pokorný, executive head

Ovalert: useful system not only for dairy herds

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Unification of calving to shortest period possible and improvement of pregnancy results were the main goals of Aleš Pokorný, when he decided to use Ovalert on the farm in Rešice, which is one of the top charolais farms in the Czech Republic. Today, after less than a year, he is... read more ›

An explanation of the differences between American and Dutch breeding values

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The NVI is the total merit index that reflects the breeding goals of Dutch and Flemish dairy farmers. But there are also farmers who prefer to select bulls based on one of the total American indexes TPI or NM$. Specialist Jaap Brinkman explains the differences between the American and Dutch... read more ›


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Inbreeding is a threat to the vitality of a cow population but is always waiting in the wings in a breeding programme. CRV closely monitors the development of the rate of inbreeding in various breeds. Vigilance is vital, but so far, any negative effects have been limited. Genetic progress Genetic... read more ›
Jan de Groot


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After a career as a feed advisor, Jan de Groot became an independent farmer four years ago. ‘Running a farm brings a host of new challenges’, he says. ‘But one thing I don’t have to worry about is breeding. Using SireMatch guarantees success.’ In his role as a feed... read more ›