CRV introduces breeding value intelligence

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During the April index run, CRV will introduce the new breeding value ‘intelligence’. This will enable farmers to effectively breed with a focus on intelligent cows.

‘All farmers know there is a difference in intelligence between cows. Some cows learn new things much faster than others’, says Tonnie Vissers, herd management specialist at CRV. ‘Research has revealed that these differences are largely genetically determined. This means that intelligence can be targeted through breeding. The heritability is 38%, which is comparable to that of milk production.’


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Webinar: Feed efficiency demonstrated in practice

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On Wednesday 24 March at 8:30 PM (CET) CRV will organize a round-table discussion together with Gerard Meerkerk (owner feed efficiency test farm) and Pieter van Goor (CRV breeding specialist). Learn more about feed efficiency in practice during this interactive webinar (English spoken).


New breeding value

CRV introduced a unique breeding value for feed efficiency in December 2020. In 2017, CRV became the first herd improvement organisation to start large-scale measurement of the feed intake of dairy cows on five working farms with in total 2,000 lactati…

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A look behind the scenes at the CRV test farms

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The ten CRV test farms in the Netherlands and Flanders have a vital role to play in the breeding programme. Due to the corona restrictions, visiting the farms is still not possible. But a film can also take you behind the scenes.

The heart of CRV’s Holstein breeding programme is in Wirdum in Friesland. CRV’s Dairy Breeding Center is home to some 400 young female animals with the highest genetic predisposition for health and efficiency. They have been chosen from among very best animals in the European Holstein population and are used as donors for the breeding progr…

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Daughter fertility

Poor daughter fertility one of the major culling reasons

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Improving fertility will therefore shorten the calving interval, increase the lifetime of a cow, lower insemination efforts and reduce veterinary treatments. Since 2010, the calving interval of cows in the Netherlands has been reduced by 10 days to 407 . Fertility is one of the building blocks of CRV Health.

Fertile cows show their heat on time and get pregnant quickly and easily. Good daughter fertility is essential for the continuity of the herd and the farm income.

Results daughter fertility (index) 104 108 112
Shorter calving interval days 6.7 days 13.4 days 20.1 days
Better non-return% +2.9% +5.7% +8.6%
Gain* / 100 cows / year € 770.- € 1,541.- € 2,311.-

* Calculation is based on € 1.15 per day Calving interval days


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Arjen Vernooij with 100.000kg cows longevity

Lifetime production per cow jumps to record levels

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The lifetime production of Dutch dairy cows jumped to record levels in the 2019-2020 financial year. The average lifetime production realised by the cows has increased by almost 2500 kg of milk and 200 kg of fat and protein to 34,000 kg of milk, 1481 kg of fat and 1210 kg of protein. The lifetime production of Dutch dairy cows has never been so high.


This has been revealed by the annual milk recording statistics of the CRV cooperative. A combination of a longer productive life (+75 days) and higher milk production (+0.2 kg of milk per day) is behind this i…

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