Emiel Willems, stock manager at the Abbink dairy farm in Vriezenveen.

Easy milking thanks to balanced conformation

‘Breeding with an emphasis on conformation is still an important factor’, according to Emiel Willems, stock manager at the Abbink dairy farm in Vriezenveen. ‘Cows with balanced conformation perform better across the board and have a longer productive life’, he explains. Classification, SireMatch and HerdOptimizer are tools that help farmers to work effectively on their breeding goals.

Take a cow like Wilskracht Warsi 879. Emiel Willems’ enthusiasm for her knows no bounds. She is one of his favourite cows in the 300-head dairy herd at the Abbink farm in Vriezenveen, …

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Farm in Nová Ves provides the best Fleckvieh bull

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The farm in Nová Ves in the Czech Republic is known for its high-quality genetic potential. In 2017, the farm also caught the attention of German and Austrian AI companies, because a bull with the highest Total Merit Index (TMI) of that time (7/2017: 150 TMI) was born there: Rolls

The dam of Rolls, comes from the family that has been used in the CRV breeding programme for a long time, and that is why she was chosen for genotyping. The fact that she is Waldbrand’s best daughter was a pleasant finding and confirmation of the family’s qualities.
Three bull dams in a r…

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online classification competition

And the winners of the International Classification Competition are……..

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Farmers from 14 different countries have been battling it out over the past few weeks to create their ideal ranking of eight red-and-white and eight black-and-white cows in the world’s first online cattle classification competition. In total, almost 350 replies were submitted to CRV. Many of the entrants were from the Netherlands and Flanders, but we also received entries from New Zealand, Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Poland and Ireland.

As the results show, expertly ranking the B&W category was no easy task. Out of all the international entries, no single on…

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‘Corona hasn’t stopped semen exports’- Walter van der Aa

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‘It demanded high levels of commitment from our team, but we are proud that despite the outbreak of coronavirus, our exports of semen have continued.’ These are the words of Walter van der Aa at CRV’s International Logistics Centre (ILC) in the Netherlands.

‘The ILC processes all the orders from CRV headquarters for both semen and materials’, Walter explains. ‘We ensure that these orders are delivered in the Netherlands and Flanders and shipped to the rest of the world. To do so, our stocks include around 3.5 million doses of semen,’ he explains.
Two shifts, six da…

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Hoof health deserves structural attention

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Taking hoof health seriously pays dividends. In practice, however, hoof trimmers still come across few signs of improvement. Their conclusion is that ‘too many farmers simply accept claw and hoof problems as inevitable. A structured approach is still often lacking.’

The hoof health of Dutch and Flemish dairy cows seems to be improving. At least, that is what an analysis of data from DigiKlauw shows. This data registration system set up by CRV in cooperation with the Animal Health Service (GD) enables hoof trimmers to register the disorders they observe in the course…

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