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CRV introduces breeding value feed efficiency

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In December, CRV is introducing a new breeding value for its own bulls, which will enable a targeted and direct way to breed for feed efficiency. The index indicates how much more milk is produced by daughters of a particular bull using a kilogram of dry matter feed intake, compared with the population average. Good feed efficiency also means more efficient use of nitrogen and other minerals and a lower CO2 footprint for the production of milk.

The amount of milk a cow produces in kilos from a kilogram of dry matter feed intake. This defines feed efficiency in one s…

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SireMatch benefits CRV representatives around the world!

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As a result of tailor made trainings, more and more sales representatives and farmers around the world discover the benefits of SireMatch. The numbers of matings that are made with SireMatch are increasing exponentially with 100,000 matings done in May alone. Sales representatives share their experiences with SireMatch.

Whilst corona has brought many challenges in our daily operations in the genetics business we often forget about the tremendous accomplishments that are made during the difficult times.

One success which cannot be overlooked is that of introducing…

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Encouraging figures during classification on CRV test farm Nooijen

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The recent classification on the Nooijen CRV test farm in coevorden yielded some impressive results by the latest generation of heifers. But a slightly more mature lady who once supplied embryos for the CRV breeding programme also faced the critical scrutiny of the classifier again. The cow in question, Delta Ralon – who is on her fifth calf – boosted her excellent score to 91 points.

The heifers classified at the CRV test farms are not only early daughters of young CRV bulls, they often also descend from cow families who are currently supplying bulls and donors. Fo…

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Breeding for longevity to maximise protein from your own grassland  

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The goal of dairy farmer Mark Sluis is efficient utilisation of his own grassland. His breeding strategy also plays a significant role. By selecting breeding bulls with a high score for longevity, he aims to increase the lifetime production of his herd. This approach reduces the amount of feed he needs to raise young stock.

Mark Sluis effortlessly sums up some figures from the Recycling Indicator – an administrative tool for mineral use – for 2019. ‘Last year, 85% of the protein for our cows was sourced from our own meadows and we fed 24 kilos of concentrates per 10…

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Rietje V: Hotline

Hotline and Delta are the keys to the conformation success of the Nooijen family

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Rietje (s. Hotline), owned by the Nooijen Family got 87 point for conformation
Fourteen heifers with a score of 85.1 points for conformation,  is the wonderful result of the most recent classification at the ‘Peelsehoeve Holsteins’, Delta test farm of Koen and Laura Nooijen, in the south of the Netherlands.

An important contribution to this success is made by the heifers from the ‘Rietje’ family, who are related to Etazon Renate. She is the figurehead of the Delta breeding program and is among other, dam of Altanic and granddam of Danno and Saxobeat.
Three times H…

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