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CRV introduces breeding value feed efficiency

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In December, CRV is introducing a new breeding value for its own bulls, which will enable a targeted and direct way to breed for feed efficiency. The index indicates how much more milk is produced by daughters of a particular bull using a kilogram of dry matter feed intake, compared with the population average. Good feed efficiency also means more efficient use of nitrogen and other minerals and a lower CO2 footprint for the production of milk.

The amount of milk a cow produces in kilos from a kilogram of dry matter feed intake. This defines feed efficiency in one s…

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SireMatch benefits CRV representatives around the world!

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As a result of tailor made trainings, more and more sales representatives and farmers around the world discover the benefits of SireMatch. The numbers of matings that are made with SireMatch are increasing exponentially with 100,000 matings done in May alone. Sales representatives share their experiences with SireMatch.

Whilst corona has brought many challenges in our daily operations in the genetics business we often forget about the tremendous accomplishments that are made during the difficult times.

One success which cannot be overlooked is that of introducing…

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Sire in the spotlight: Delta Dubai PP

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The passion for breeding of breeding specialist Eric Lievens is perfectly expressed in these enthusiastic bull presentations about CRV bulls.

Meetings aren’t possible for the time being, but we don’t want to deny you his sire stories. That is why we put a ‘sire in the spotlight’ every week for the coming period.


This week: Delta Dubai PP


Previous weeks:Delta Lunar


Delta Jacuzzi


Willem’s Hoeve Woody

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Emiel Willems, stock manager at the Abbink dairy farm in Vriezenveen.

Easy milking thanks to balanced conformation

‘Breeding with an emphasis on conformation is still an important factor’, according to Emiel Willems, stock manager at the Abbink dairy farm in Vriezenveen. ‘Cows with balanced conformation perform better across the board and have a longer productive life’, he explains. Classification, SireMatch and HerdOptimizer are tools that help farmers to work effectively on their breeding goals.

Take a cow like Wilskracht Warsi 879. Emiel Willems’ enthusiasm for her knows no bounds. She is one of his favourite cows in the 300-head dairy herd at the Abbink farm in Vriezenveen, …

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online classification competition

And the winners of the International Classification Competition are……..

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Farmers from 14 different countries have been battling it out over the past few weeks to create their ideal ranking of eight red-and-white and eight black-and-white cows in the world’s first online cattle classification competition. In total, almost 350 replies were submitted to CRV. Many of the entrants were from the Netherlands and Flanders, but we also received entries from New Zealand, Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Poland and Ireland.

As the results show, expertly ranking the B&W category was no easy task. Out of all the international entries, no single on…

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