Ideal dairy cows that excel in health

CRV is making rapid progress in health and efficiency improvement

The index run of April 2017 illustrates the rapid progress CRV is making in breeding bulls that boost herd efficiency and health. In the black-and-white segment, Danno, Esperanto and Empire are causing a stir. Rody is an impressive rising star in the red-and-whites and many daughters of former InSire Top bulls are producing their first milk.

Breeding efficient and healthy cows is a goal that perfectly reflects an age in which farmers aim to optimally utilise their farms’ production capacity using…

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News breeding value estimation April 2017

The national Dutch/Flemish breeding value estimation has been changed in the following ways:

Starting April 2017, the calculation of production breeding values will include testdays from the first five lactations of an animal. Up until now, three lactations were used. Furthermore, the calculations will be based on information of the first 420 days per lactation. This used to be the first 335 days. Lastly, the heritabilities and other parameters have been re-estimated. Starting April 2016, new bases differences will apply for the production traits:

[table id=33 …

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US CRV bulls determine solid economic base

The basis for results in the future is determined by the choice of bulls today. The CRV line-up of bulls is ready to improve economics by boosting the production efficiency and health of the herd.

Holding the no. 1 position in Italy, the no. 9 position in Canada and with 2721 TPI, Peak Hotline-ET (Hotrod x Mogul,) is an internationally high ranking bull from CRV. Hotline transmits excellent type (3.1 PTAT) with great udders (2.75) and feet and legs (2.29). His daughters will have excellent milk production (+1312 lbs) with high components (+0.16% fat and +0.06% prot…

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High ranking Fleckvieh bulls to boost economic results

With Walk firmly holding the number one position in the Fleckvieh rankings, CRV introduces the new number two: Varta. These bulls will give a tremendous boost to future herd economics, as will their daughter proven colleagues Wildgast, Waidhaus and Riaza.
The index run of 6 December shows great results for CRV‘s Fleckvieh bulls. Well known sires like Raldi, Wobbler and Mungo have sustained their strong positions and Walk has held onto his number one position at 145 gGZW.
Varta (Valeur x Vogt, 139 gGZW) climbed the rankings and now stands just behind Walk in the runne…

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Solid foundation for a better financial future

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With milk prices rising, farmers can gradually start to repair the economic damage. The choice of bulls today lays the firm foundations for the financial results of tomorrow. CRV’s line up of bulls is ready and waiting to play an important role. Danno, the world’s highest ranking daughter proven bull, is an outstanding example.

Profitable milking with black-and-white InSire top bulls
Vendairy Sidekick (Supershot x Bookem, 355 NVI) is one of CRV’s top flight InSire bulls and is intensively used in the breeding programme. He transmits a fabulous combination of extrem…

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