High production and good conformation: Bouw Snowfever

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During the CRV-Event in Zwolle on the 11th of June, the first daughter group of Bouw Snowfever will be showed. Some cow lovers are really looking forward to it.

Snowfever was one of the highest genomic bulls of his year. He really met the expectations, even more than expected. Together with Browning he has a NVI of 292 points and with this he is the highest available daughter tested bull.
The selection committee has seen many Snowfever daughters and is very enthusiastic about the qualities of this bull. Heifers have good proportions, good udders and good feet &…

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10 daughter groups at CRV Event

category Breeding, Genetics, Shows

CRV will show 10 daughter groups during the coming CRV Event ‘A herd to your heart’. At the 11th of June these groups will show that good genetics are the most important in breeding an efficient and easy to manage herd.

All groups will be showed in the ring. Besides, the groups are also at the meeting place during the whole day. At the meeting place the groups are showed at the following themes:

The theme ‘longevity’ will show a demonstration group of older cows that have a high lifetime production (on average 100.000 kg of milk). All cows are good…

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Convincing figures prove practical value of Better Life figures

CRV’s Better Life figures are proving to be highly effective in significantly improving the technical results of herds. Irrefutable proof has been provided by analysis of 61,000 animals on almost 300 farms in the Netherlands and Belgium.
CRV introduced the Better Life figures in 2013 as practical indicators aimed at helping farmers breed efficient, easy-to-manage herds. Each CRV bull is scored for these traits. Large-scale analysis in practical situations has revealed the huge value of these figures for breeding purposes.

Higher lifetime production per cow
The eff…

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Information about breeding value estimation april 2016

Some changes have been introduced in the April breeding value estimation. Below is a summary of the changes in the Netherlands and below that, other countries.
Udder health
Clinical mastitis data have been added to the breeding value udder health. Starting 2008, breeding values for clinical and subclinical mastitis have been estimated. This makes use of somatic cell count patterns based on somatic cell count measurements from Milk Production  Registration. These breeding values make up the udder health index, which is part of the national index NVI.

Introduction D…

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Breeding in 2016: Efficient and easy

‘Efficiency’ is one of the most important words in 2016. The April index run brings a wide range of bulls that transmit long-term and trouble-free production along with excellent udders and feet and legs. CRV bulls such as Finder, Browning, Snowfever and Brandy top the ranking lists.

As milk prices remain under pressure and farmers have to deal with restrictions on the number of animals that may be kept, one thing is clear: efficiency is key. These days, there is a need for bulls which maintain a flow of income in both good times and bad times. This index run bring…

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