New homepage!

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Welcome on our new homepage! At this new homepage you can find your way more easily. The menu on the top remains unchanged, so you can still find everything as usual.

As you know, CRV wants to help you to breed the most healthy and efficient herd as possible. Those Health and Efficiency themes can now be found easily via the homepage. If you click further, you can read all about our Better Life breeding values for health and efficiency, with which you can quickly select the best bulls. Or, for example, read more about Ovalert or SireMatch.

Bull search

The ‘bul…

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CRV welcomes many international visitors

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In May and June CRV has welcomed many international visitors from all over the world. Visitors from China to Brazil, and many countries in between, has got an impression of CRV’s Dairy Breeding Center and the Dutch dairy sector.

Dairy Breeding Center

Now the Dairy Breeding Center is in operation for almost a year now, CRV already has welcomed many visitors in Wirdum. ‘It’s very impressive!’ is one of the most commonly heard reactions.

Farm visits

Although the Dairy Breeding Center is very nice to see, most visitors, which are mostly dairy farmers themselves…

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50th anniversary Cooprinsem

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CRV distributor Cooprinsem (Chile) is proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their cooperative in 2018. To make sure the commercial team can proceed their excellent work with CRV product from the Netherlands and CRV Ambreed from New Zealand, we made sure they look the part with their new jackets. Congratulations Cooprinsem!

Anniversay wishes 

The 50th anniversary of Cooprinsem was also a good reason to make a nice video with anniversary wishes from several CRV people from all over the world. Watch the video below!

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High lifetime production is in the genes

Farmers with many cows that achieve high lifetime production, are convinced that this high lifetime production is in the genes. The Knoef and Winter families tell all about their vision of high lifetime production.

Big Boukje 192 produced a whopping 208,000 litres of milk with 4.64% fat and 3.86% protein. The cow, which belongs to Jos and Ingrid Knoef in Geesteren, is the champion par excellence of lifetime production. She reached the age of 19 years old, calved an impressive 15 times and also obtained an exterior score of 90 points. Jos is convinced: ‘This high pro…

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CRV sales training February 2018

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Another sales training week was organized bij CRV International Business Development last February,  a week mentioned for new sales people that are going to sell the CRV product all over the world. This time there were very enthousiastic people from Iran, Serbia, Romania, UK and Denmark!

Farm visit at dairy farm Bruunshoge
Training program
During the week the group has got an introduction about CRV by several presentations. But of course the training consisted also of practical parts. Our colle…

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