Ing. Ondřej Kubala – herd manager

Significantly less hormones and reinseminations

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At ZOD Borovany people have more time for animals, because reproduction has been for nearly two years watched over by Ovalert.

Farm: ZOD Borovany, Ing. Ondřej Kubala – herd manager

Region: South Bohemia, České Budějovice

Nr. of cows: 600 fleckvieh milking cows, Ovalert on 110 heifers

Average production of the herd: 8.200 kgM, 4,10 %F, 3,56 %P

Reproduction problems
­„We had to solve reproduction problems with our heifers,“ Ondřej Kubala starts his story. „First step we had made …

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Aleš Pokorný, executive head

Ovalert: useful system not only for dairy herds

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Unification of calving to shortest period possible and improvement of pregnancy results were the main goals of Aleš Pokorný, when he decided to use Ovalert on the farm in Rešice, which is one of the top charolais farms in the Czech Republic. Today, after less than a year, he is more than satisfied with the results and the benefits of the system.

Heat detection and pregnancy improvement
„Every year we start to inseminate at the beginning of February and this year at that time we decided to try Ovalert. It´s important for us that the cows calve at the shortes…

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Ovalert works as a sixth sense for dairy farmers

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CRV’s Ovalert system registers cow behaviour and links this information to other data that is collected on dairy farms. This data gives farmers a valuable, new herd management tool.

As well as indicating heat expression, the system also flags up any animals with possible health issues. This allows farmers to respond sooner and use less drastic measures.

Their enthusiasm for the management support provided by Ovalert is overwhelming. Dairy farmers Erik and Jolanda Luiten wouldn’t want to be without the system. They run a farm with 170 head of dairy cattle in Aalte…

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First Ovalert system in the UK

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This month the first Ovalert system was installed in the UK! CRV Avoncroft representative Alan Mason and CRV IBD area manager Miranda van Zessen helped with the installation of the whole system until it was up and running. Below a few pictures of the installation.

Ovalert antenna on the roof

Cows with an Ovalert neck tag

Alan Mason collaring a cow with an Ovale…

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