‘A high protein content is no coincidence.’

Dairy farmer Jan Schieven, Baak, The Netherlands

The sky-high components of InSire Top Bull De Leenhorst E-Profit do not come out of nowhere. The cow family behind the bull is responsible for high protein percentages, generation after generation. On top of this, dairy farmer Jan Schieven has been using bulls that guarantee premium milk for thirty years.

“If you want to achieve something in breeding, you have to be consistent,” says dairy farmer Jan Schieven with conviction. In partnership with his wife Anja and with the help of his parents, he runs a dairy farm in Baak in the province of Gelderland with around 100 cows and 40 young cattle on 45 hectares of land. The dairy cows represent a rolling average of 10,300 kilos of milk with 4.50% fat and 3.76% protein in 305 days.


The Schieven family leaves nothing to chance when it comes to feeding and caring for the cows. That being said, breeding was the foundation for the high components in the milk. “Thirty years ago, my father left the breeding to me and since then we have consistently used bulls that score positive breeding values for protein percentage,” says Jan. “And although we never actively selected for fat percentage, that actually went up as well automatically,” he explains. “High components provide us with a nice few cents of extra income per kg of milk,” explains the farmer. “It’s always been this way, but given phosphate legislation, it is now more interesting than ever. The limitation of the phosphate quota applies to the milk pool. With a high fat and protein percentage, we can get something positive out of it.”

‘High components adds a premium to our milk check.’


The farm has determined genomic breeding values for all heifer calves they keep. “We started doing this early on,” says Jan. “We want to collect as much data as possible from our animals, to be able to make more accurate matings with the help of SireMatch,” explains the farmer. Thanks to very high genomic breeding values, one of the Schieven family’s calves appeared on the radar of CRV breeding technicians. Danno daughter De Leenhorst Ineke 30 descends from an ordinary farm cow family. But it is a family that generates generation after generation for high lifetime production with high protein percentages. Her mother (a G-Force daughter) and grandmother (a Curtis daughter), for example, so far have achieved lifetime productions of 3.93 and 3.81 per cent protein respectively. Both cows are still present at the farm today.


As a maiden heifer, Ineke 30 was inseminated with Delta Magister, who is also known as an excellent component bull with +0.31% for protein. This insemination resulted in the bull E-Profit, among others. “It was hardly a surprise that he would score positively for components,” his breeder tells us. “But we could never have dreamed it would be that high.” “A consistent breeding goal has given us a herd with a high copoments. That’s what we’ve always worked for,” says Jan. “Nevertheless, breeding a bull like E-Profit with +0.51% fat and +0,40% protein, is a rather wonderful crowning glory on our work.”


Delivering milk with high levels of fat and protein is economically interesting. Higher contents immediately yield more milk money. And livestock farmers in the Netherlands also indirectly achieve higher phosphate efficiency because they can deliver more kilos of fat and protein within their phosphate quota. Breeding makes an important contribution to the production of ‘premium milk’. By using bulls with high components, an increase of 0.15% in fat and 0.15% in protein can be achieved in a single generation. To make things easier for you, CRV has selected bulls that have high percentages in combination with excellent health characteristics, good longevity and excellent efficiency. This allows you to breed cows that are easy to manage and guarantee a high yield.

If you would like to find out which of the CRV bulls on offer are suitable for your breeding goal, contact your CRV area manager or our local CRV distributor in your country.