CRV sales training February 2018

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Classification instructions by Marcel Fox at CRV test farm Barendonk Holsteins

Another sales training week was organized bij CRV International Business Development last February,  a week mentioned for new sales people that are going to sell the CRV product all over the world. This time there were very enthousiastic people from Iran, Serbia, Romania, UK and Denmark!

Farm visit at dairy farm Bruunshoge

Training program

During the week the group has got an introduction about CRV by several presentations. But of course the training consisted also of practical parts. Our colleague Linda has given them a practical sales training and colleagues Tom and Bart visited with them several dairy farms. The participants also got a look inside CRV’s Dairy Breeding Center in Wirdum. Next to information about CRV’s breeding program, the participants also learned more about SireMatch and Ovalert.

Visit Nedap for more information about Ovalert

At CRV test farm Barendonk Holsteins the group learned more about classification

Farm visit and classification training at CRV test farm Barendonk Holsteins