CRV shows daughter groups and embryo donors at NRM 2017


With the theme of ‘Better Cows l Better Life’, CRV will be showing a group of six embryo donors for the first time at the NRM 2017. These animals all have a high genetic ranking and have been used in the CRV breeding programme. CRV will also be showing six daughter groups who boost herd health and efficiency.

The embryo donors are Delta donors as well as farmer-owned donors. All cows rank among the highest scorers of their year based on their genomic breeding values. The Delta donors have all been used as maiden heifers in the Delta Satellite programme. Delta Jessi 477, dam of the very popular Delta Jupiler, is an example of one of the 12 donors selected until now. A final selection of six animals will be on show at the NRM.

Six daughter groups in the ring
In its breeding programmes, CRV pays close attention to the important contribution made by bulls to breeding healthy,efficiently producing cows. This attention to detail is reflected in the daughter groups.

CRV daughter groups at NRM 2017

Name Better Life Health Better Life Efficiency NVI Conf.
Colorado +6% +3% 232 113
Danno +8% +9% 384 115
G-Force +4% +13% 274 107
Hunter +4% +5% 138 106
Stellando rf +5% +11% 240 108
Vitesse +5% +7% 220 108


Delta Bookem Danno, Delta Colorado and AH Vitesse will be appearing with a group of first-calf animals. This will be the first time that one of their daughter groups is presented in the Netherlands. Danno is the highest scoring CRV bull currently available. This much absolute top bull excels in conformation and produces very efficient, ultra-healthy cows. Colorado is the highest available red-and-white bull. His progeny have very good udders (113) and legs (109) and he passes on outstanding udder and claw health. Vitesse‘s very efficient daughters produce milk with high fat and protein contents.

Second and third-calf cattle
CRV will be bringing groups of second and third-calf cattle sired by former InSire bulls Delta G-Force, Batenburg G. Stellando and Cookiecutter Mom Hunter Hunter to the NRM. G-Force and red factor bull Stellando are recognised as specialists in efficiency. Hunter can count on widespread interest as an international bull sire.