New homepage!

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Welcome on our new homepage! At this new homepage you can find your way more easily. The menu on the top remains unchanged, so you can still find everything as usual.

As you know, CRV wants to help you to breed the most healthy and efficient herd as possible. Those Health and Efficiency themes can now be found easily via the homepage. If you click further, you can read all about our Better Life breeding values for health and efficiency, with which you can quickly select the best bulls. Or, for example, read more about Ovalert or SireMatch.

Bull search

The ‘bull search’ function can be found more prominently on our site. From now on, it is on the top right of the homepage. When you scroll down, the bull search function remains visible in a blue tab on the side. In this way you will find the CRV bull you are looking for even faster.

Within ‘bull search’ you now can only find CRV bulls. It’s still possible to search in the total database, but therefore you have to go the website of the CRV Cooperation. Via this link you can search for all the bulls.

Changed Sire directory

When you are regularly searching for bulls in our sire directory, you will also see changes over there. The columns of the breeding values Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency are moved.