CRV is organising the first ever worldwide, online cattle classification competition!

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online classification competition

The measures imposed to halt the spread of coronavirus mean that show enthusiasts and fans of cattle classification are being forced to miss one of their favourite activities. To try and compensate a little, CRV is organising the first ever worldwide, online cattle classification competition – and cow-lovers from around the world can compete against each other!


How can I enter?

If you click the links at the bottom of this message, photos of 16 cows will appear, grouped in four categories. The black-and-white young category shows four heifers, the black-and-white old category shows four cows that have calved four or five times. The red-and-white young category also shows four heifers. The cows in the red-and-white old category have calved three or four times.

Enter your ranking in the form underneath the photos. To do so, simply place your top cow first, followed by choice number two and so on. Repeat this for each category. Enter the competition by submitting the completed form. The cattle classification competition has been sub-divided into a category for B&W fans and one for R&W fans. But why not try your luck in both groups?


Jury of herdbook classifiers

Dutch judges Frank Winter and Jan van Weerdenburg, herdbook classifiers at CRV, have already determined the ranking of the black-and-white cows. Their colleagues Engbert Jan Ruitenberg and Mieke Vander Schueren have done the same for the red-and-white cows. Their judgements have been made based on the same photos and without access to any more information than the entrants in the competition.

Your ranking will be compared with the jury members’ decisions. If your ranking of a cow differs one position from that of the jury members, you will be given one penalty point, two penalty points and so on. The penalty points in the two categories in each colour group will be added up. The entrant with the fewest penalty points is the winner. If several entrants have identical scores, the winner will be decided by a draw.


National winners and world champion

The unique aspect of this cattle classification competition is its international character. So, you can pit your classification skills against colleagues from all around the world. In addition to national prize winners, a ‘world champion’ will also be announced.

Of course CRV has put together nice prizea for this competition. A CRV-voucher worth € 200 is available for the winner on this website. The number two can win a CRV-voucher worth € 150 and  number three will receive a CRV-voucher worth € 100. The world champion wins an honorable award!

You can submit your entries until 17 May. CRV would like to wish you good luck and enjoy taking part!