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Jan de Groot

After a career as a feed advisor, Jan de Groot became an independent farmer four years ago. ‘Running a farm brings a host of new challenges’, he says. ‘But one thing I don’t have to worry about is breeding. Using SireMatch guarantees success.’


In his role as a feed advisor Jan de Groot (51) spent many years assisting farmers with their farm management. Some four years ago the opportunity presented itself to join their ranks. Young entrepreneur Marc Plender was planning to start a business venture in Ukraine and asked Jan if he wanted to work with him and take on the daily management of the family dairy farm. Together with his wife Joke, and with the help of his children, he has run a farm in Kamperveen with 115 dairy cows and around 55 young stock since then.


Greater uniformity in young stock

‘As a feed advisor I visited numerous farms, and as a breeding enthusiast I always took a good look at the cows’, he explains. ‘It struck me that farmers who worked with SireMatch and bulls from CRV had good, uniform herds. Their cows were easy producers of milk with good component percentages. So when I became a dairy farmer myself, I immediately decided to start working with CRV’s SireMatch breeding program.’ At the time, the herd at the Plender dairy farm comprised a collection of black-and-white and red-and-white Holsteins and Brown Swiss crosses. The majority of the heifers were descendants of a Fleckvieh bull who had been let loose with the cows. ‘The change after deciding to use the best Holstein bulls and follow the mating advice of SireMatch was already evident after two years. ‘We immediately noticed greater uniformity in the young stock’, says Jan.


‘SireMatch and HerdOptimizer is simply an unbeatable combination’


Enthusiastic about great Danno matches

The farmer initially used a maximum of four bulls in the mating advice. This number has now expanded to 10 for more targeted mating propositions. Currently, the insemination list features the InSire bulls Nippon P,Eloy rf, Lunar, Yes, Woody, Hotline and Nominator but also the daughter proven bulls Rosebud and Danno. ‘I am extremely enthusiastic about the Danno daughters at our farm’, explains Jan. ‘They are impeccable, and all because they are the product of matches proposed by SireMatch. This advice means I use the ideal bull to suit the cows in question.’


Unbeatable combination

Jan has been using HerdOptimizer for some years now. ‘Marker analysis allows me to optimise selections and make even more focussed mating decisions’, he explains. To illustrate this, Jan points to a cow with less attractive conformation. ‘Because I appreciate the appearance of a lovely cow, I mated her as a heifer with a beef bull’, he continues. ‘But seeing the results of her DNA analysis changed my mind, she turned out to have good breeding values. So since then I have mated her with the best Holstein bulls. With good results: her offspring have excellent marker analysis scores. And we now have a lactating Brasil daughter who scored 86 points as a heifer.’ ‘SireMatch and HerdOptimizer is simply an unbeatable combination’ according to Jan. ‘These tools guarantee the maximum genetic progression in our herd.’



Breeding is how you build the foundations for the performance of your herd of tomorrow. You want to breed cows that suit your particular farming conditions and fit your plans for the future. Breeding sometimes seems like a complicated puzzle. SireMatch helps you put together the right pieces: define your own breeding goal, select the most suitable bulls and create the best mating combinations. SireMatch makes it easy for you to take informed choices in breeding. Together with your personal expert SireMatch advisor, you define your breeding goal and select the most suitable bulls for your purposes. The mating program generates the best mating propositions for every animal and excludes the risk of inbreeding. SireMatch will relieve you of all the worries about breeding. So you can achieve maximum genetic progress in your herd with minimum effort.

Curious to learn more about what SireMatch and HerdOptimizer can do for your farm? Please get in touch with your contact person at CRV.