The perfect balance

Do you want to improve your herd​ with healthy cows that are also efficient? Fertile cows that live long with a better lifetime production​, and less health problems? While you, at the same time, save money on costly feed as your herd efficiently produces milk with supreme fat and protein components? CRV helps you to breed cows that generate more income and reduce your costs.


“A supreme balance between health and efficiency is the key to a better life for cows, farmers and the world around us.”


CRV is not just talking health and efficiency, it’s the balance between the two that makes CRV the global leader in health and efficiency. CRV focuses on a number of breeding values that allow you to target health and efficiency traits in your breeding strategy. These breeding values are summarised in two easy to use indexes: CRV Health and CRV Efficiency.

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CRV Health > More return, less work

With the best bulls for CRV Health, you will breed cows that get pregnant easily, have healthy hooves and suffer less from mastitis. Your cows will calve more easily and will be less susceptible to ketosis.


CRV Efficiency > More milk with the same amount of feed

With the best bulls for CRV Efficiency you will breed a herd that is more productive, has a higher longevity and a higher feed efficiency. The result is a higher efficiency, but you also contribute to lower methane emissions.


About CRV

Since 1874, we have strongly believed that better cows lead to a better life for farmers, their herds and their environment.

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