Component-rich CRV bulls are the way to healthy and efficient cows

Delta Endless has an imposing index for CRV Efficiency (+20%) and also an impressive score of 112 for feed efficiency

CRV bulls are the way to a healthy and more efficient herd. Higher components in milk convert into more cash and are an important building block of higher efficiency. Along with this edition of the index run, CRV is also introducing its unique breeding value for feed efficiency. Cows with a higher feed efficiency produce more milk from the same amount of feed. This generates higher profits and lower methane emissions. Results we are happy to work with you to create.


Powerhouses with great components

With more than 2500 lactating daughters, Ranger reconfirms his breeding values and his quality. Double W Ranger (s. Reflector) improves udders (109) and legs (110) and brings width and power to the cows. His half-brother Double W Rodeo (s. Regard) is a striking, daughter proven newcomer of comparable calibre: A complete, all-round transmitter with even higher milk production (+893 kg) and the same width. With +0.14% protein and +0.10% protein respectively, Ranger and Rodeo both distinguish themselves in the component field. In the top 10 NVI, CRV bulls certainly showcase their component capabilities.


Longevity and feed efficiency

Finder daughters are renowned for their high component percentages (+0.50% fat and +0.14% protein). Bouw Finder (s. Balisto) is also the undisputed number one bull for another key building block of CRV Efficiency, namely longevity (1026 days). He also confirms his towering genomic breeding value calculated at the time. Finder also excels for health (CRV Health +10%) as demonstrated by good scores for udder health (106), fertility (105) and hoof health (107).
Jacuzzi’s son Delta Endless out of a Finder daughter display his paternal efficiency and his maternal propensity for high components. He is in absolute pole position for NVI (+390) and has an extremely high Inet of +539, which also contributes to his imposing index for CRV Efficiency (+20%). He also clocks up an impressive score of 112 for the new breeding value feed efficiency.


Outcross pedigree

Efficiency toppers Bush-Bros Fragrant (s. Altacabot) and Delta Tornado (s. Skywalker) also excel in passing on feed efficiency (108 and 107) to their offspring. With their outcross pedigree they form a valuable addition to the portfolio. Fragrant may well be American bred, but with +1138 kg milk and +0.42% fat and + 0.14% protein he shows a true CRV inheritance pattern.
Ranger’s polled successor to the throne, Delta Nippon P, also adds some fresh bloodlines through his sire Hotspot. He confirms his wonderful breeding values in this index run. He transmits fantastic udders (114), average statures (102) and excellent components (+0.14% fat and + 0.30% protein).


Polled bulls climb the charts

In the red-and-white segment, an NVI of +358 propels Delta Nominator to the highest regions of the charts. The Jacuzzi son shines for his CRV Efficiency index of +18%, a feed efficiency of 108 and fantastic udders (110). The new leader of the pack Delta Launch PP (s. Jopper P) overtakes him to take the number one spot. It is absolutely unique worldwide that a homozygous polled bull has been awarded this astronomical NVI (+369) with sky-high components (+0.51% fat and +0.27% protein). He descends from the famous Lol cow family (including Fun P), just like his half-brother Delta Louis P (s. Gywer Rdc). Louis is characterised by a the huge production of his daughters (+3147 kg milk) and is highly rated  internationally. In addition to Louis P, his half-brother Poppe Freestyle and Delta Nonstop PP (s. Solitair P) also rank high on the German RZG index, with Nonstop holding first place among the polled bulls.


Red-and-white bull Delta Nominator has scores for CRV Efficiency and has fantastic udders.

A fresh pedigree is an important reason to add Delta Jawline PP (s. Mingo P) to our offering. Jawline impresses thanks to his faultless inheritance, super production (+723 kg milk) and good fat (+0.14%) and high protein percentages (+0.21%). All these bulls also score above average for the breeding value feed efficiency.


Solid and trouble-free

Delta Potter P (s. Maddock P) has long been a firm fixture in our range of bulls and appreciation for his daughters grows as they mature. His daughters produce easily and with great persistence (106) with high components and healthy hooves (105).
Delta Rosebud (s. Filou) has retained his position at the top of the NVI with over 4500 daughters. He delivers solid heifers with a little extra muscularity and great udders (109). His daughters are easy to manage cows that have positive scores for all health traits. These attributes make him the number one red-and-white bull for CRV Health (+ 9%). The hoof health (110) and fertility (108) of his daughters are particularly remarkable.


New daughter proven MRIJ bull

As the first proven son of Daniëlle 95, De Vinkenhof River (s. Rivaal) passes this index with flying colours for breeding values. He is the number two daughter proven bull and produces great udders (112) and super feet and legs (106). Daughters by River also inherit plenty of great traits from their successful mother Daniëlle 95. Harcon (s. Menno) is the powerhouse of the MRIJ bulls and is promoted to the next league in this index run – with an increase of 30 NVI points – due to a two-point rise for both daughter fertility and udder health.


We have a suitable bull for every type of farm and ambition. Together with you, our aim is a healthy, problem-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk and guarantees high lifetime production. The perfect partnership of health and efficiency.