CRV looks proudly ahead with its renewed logo

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Logo CRV
The cow's head in the renewed logo looks proudly ahead.

For over 100 years, CRV has cooperated with farmers all over the world to improve their herds. This rich tradition forms the foundation of CRV.  Throughout these years, data has been collected from millions of cows. This data provides a reliable basis for the development of genetics and information products that help farmers around the world. 


CRV: Leading in health and efficiency

‘As a cooperative of farmers with a global presence, CRV understands perfectly what your needs are, and the tools you need to achieve your goal.  You want an easy to manage, healthy herd that efficiently produces milk and beef of the highest quality’, says Angus Haslett, CEO of CRV.

Based on data collected from millions of cows, together with farmers and driven by innovation, CRV has developed a package of unique breeding values: ranging from daughter fertility to claw and udder health and from production to longevity and feed efficiency.

‘This proposition makes us leading in the world in terms of breeding for health and efficiency’, states Haslett with conviction. We say what we do, and do what we say. We don’t spin nice stories, but back our message up with hard figures. After all, CRV cows are one of the highest lifetime producers in the world.


One name, renewed logo

The conditions in which farmers work vary from country to country. But ultimately all farmers want the same thing: a healthy herd that produces efficiently. CRV visualises that ambition by operating globally under one name and with one promise, better cows > better life.

The cow’s head in the renewed logo looks proudly ahead. ‘That clearly embodies what we stand for. CRV is proud to help farmers make progress in breeding better cows’, Haslett indicates. ‘Because we believe that better cows lead to a better life. A better life for animals, farmers and the world around us. For the generations of today and tomorrow.’