Product benefits

  • robust
  • high longevity
  • health
  • increase production from lactation to lactation

Breeding characteristics

Fleckvieh cows are healthy, robust and very adaptable to different geographical and climatic conditions. Easy calving, good fertility and a long productive life are, besides the high performance potential for milk and beef, the basis for efficient production. Very good conformation of udders and feet and legs together with the medium body size of the animals is ideal with respect to longevity and feed efficiency.

CRV’s Fleckvieh breeding goal:

  • Milk yield per lacatation 6,500-7,500 kg
  • Milk components 4,2% fat and 3,7% protein
  • Increase in milk production from first to third lactation
  • Increase lifetime milk production
  • Stature 140-150 cm
  • Strong udders with good texture and correct teat placement
  • Strong feet and legs

The CRV Fleckvieh cows are robust and long-lasting. With a fantastic fitness, excellent health traits, strong feet and legs and correct udders they produce a high amount of milk with a lot of fat and protein. Furthermore they stand for a good fertility – both maternal and paternal.

Crossbreeding with Fleckvieh

Fleckvieh is ideally suited for crossbreeding with dairy and beef breeds as it maximizes the heterosis effect. Fleckvieh can score particularly well as a breeding partner in regions or countries with a high proportion of dedicated breeds. Many dairy producers are fighting health problems in their herds and recognize that, given falling returns from milk, a supplementary income is required to keep their operations profitable. The experience gathered over several years from operations with rotational or upgrading crossbreeding programs have resulted in advantages due, in particular, to:

  • Reduced mastitis and somatic cell counts
  • Increased protein content in milk
  • More body reserves, substance and muscling in dairy cows
  • Improved fattening traits of calves (including higher returns for culled cows)
  • Healthy cows with a good longevity

Fleckvieh and the Better Life Figures

What will the Better Life Figures for Fleckvieh bring you? Watch the movie below.


‘No nonsense cows without problems, that gives working pleasure'
Dairy farmers Peter and Sandra Roozen, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

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