US Holstein

Product benefits

  • high lifetime production
  • introduce new cow families in your herd

Since the ’70s, North America has been a major supplier of genetics. CRV has a very successful breeding program in the USA. As a result, the best American bulls with the highest breeding values are available for our clients.

In the USA, CRV is looking for bulls and bull dams that are interesting for the international market. Genetic material of our American bulls is tested for markers. To compare these bulls with the bulls of the Delta and Eurodonor breeding program, the American bulls are also tested on NVI base, next to their international TPI base. On top of the 60 bulls that are tested in Europe, CRV is also selecting about 25 bulls per year in the USA. Most of these bulls are from the Peak program.

Collaboration with Alta

Within the American breeding program CRV is working together with Alta Genetics. By joint breeding and selecting we share the high costs of the breeding program and it provides a larger and more varied offer of bulls.




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