Bouw Rocky is showing his daughters at the NRM 2019

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Rocky progeny group NRM
Sterksel Petra 43 (s. Rocky)

CRV is showing a progreny group of Bouw Rocky consisting of heifers, second calvers and third calvers. Bouw Rocky is currently the highest scoring daughter-proven bull for longevity. His daughters are also very late maturing and healthy, so they can easily handle their productions and produce very efficiently. Bouw Rocky comes from the same cow family as Finder.

Bastiaan Vernooij and Ben Knoef selected the group of Rocky daughters. ‘They get better with every lactation,’ says Ben, who is enthusiastic about the mixed group of first, second and third calvers for exactly this reason. ‘They continue to develop, are strong, long, show a lot of dairy and they have a hard conformation. It’s wonderful to see that reflected in the group.’ The udders and legs are super, Ben mentions. ‘The majority of the cows live on robot farms. Those farmers are all enthusiastic about the Rocky daughters.’

‘Rocky daughters have super udders and legs’.

From the stable of top breeder Jan Bouw

With bulls like Finder, Snowfever, Final and Rocky, Jan Bouw demonstrates that he has certainly earned a gold star as a top breeder. Anything that comes from his ‘kitchen’ is synonymous with quality. His bulls are good all-round and show no weak points. His animals have an international pedigree and also do very well in Dutch-Flemish conditions; all-round high-level bulls with excellent components and excellent health.
How does Jan Bouw manage to breed such appealing top bulls? He already said it in 2015 and his advice from back then is still the same, and extremely applicable! For optimal results, you need a number of ingredients: the right cow families, an expert ET specialist, good care, passion and a touch of luck.’

Come and admire the Bouw Rocky progeny group at the NRM!
We look forward to welcoming you at the CRV booth on 28 and 29 June in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Bouw Rocky (Shamrock x Goli x Goldwyn)
  • Master in longevity
  • Top health and efficiency in a single package
  • Positive components
  • Strong cows with capacity