Elite Donors: theme group at the NRM

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Delta Rora, donor theme group at RM
Hedra Delta Rora (s. G-Force)

At the NRM, CRV will again be showing a group of six elite donors. This group of donors are cattle who rank among the top scorers of their year based on their genomic breeding values. The Delta donors have all been used as maiden heifers in the Delta Satellite programme. Their embryos have therefore been used at more than 200 Delta Satellite farms located in the Netherlands, Flanders and the Czech Republic. They represent the foundations of CRV’s future offering of bulls.

From this pool of bulls, CRV selects around 3,000 bull calves for testing each year. This results in approximately 120 bull calves being purchased from the group, 50 of which are used for breeding each year. The six cows that form this NRM group are flagships for the quality of bull dams at CRV. We give you a sneak preview of two of these top cows.


Hedra Delta Rora

Hedra Delta Rora is the dam of Delta Treasure who was sired by Bouw Finder and excels in longevity, health and fertility. These are traits he undoubtedly also inherited from his dam. Rora has seen intensive use in the breeding programme, but despite this the 87-point rated cow has still produced more than 41,000 kilos of milk in three lactations, with a protein percentage of no less than 3.74%. Notably, this G-Force daughter has also never been flagged up for somatic cell count.


VVH Topgear Loraine

No sons have yet been produced for the breeding programme by Topgear Loraine, but a full brother from her family is already available: Delta Lustrum (s. Topgear). Lustrum’s credentials on paper are being put into practice in the milking parlour by Loraine: she is productive and efficient, with healthy claws and udders, shows persistency and is problem-free. Loraine calved at 1.11 years and has only been lactating for 172 days now. It is already evident that her wonderful combination of traits promises a long, healthy and productive life.

Topgear Lorraine, donor at NRM

VVH Topgear Lorraine (s. Topgear)

Will you be visiting us at the NRM? Then come and see the beautifull group of Elite Donors! For those who cannot visit, don’t worry. We will share video’s of all our groups, after the NRM. Check our site and social channels!