Impressive CRV progeny groups at NRM 2019

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Our progeny- and  theme groups at the NRM 2019 have given a good impression of how CRV genetics can improve the health and efficiency of your herd. On Friday June 28, CRV showed 3 progeny groups and two theme groups. 

Next to many visitors from The Netherlands, also the international guests invited by CRV has visited the CRV booth and the presentations in the show ring. On our Facebook page you can find several pictures and videos of the progeny groups and pictures of the booth. Below we will also look back on the progeny and theme groups, with videos!

Want to look back on the NRM? 

On our Facebook page you can find several pictures of another succesfull edition of the NRM.

Photo impression NRM 2019


Bouw Finder is and has been an international flag ship of CRV, mainly because his complete profile and high genetic level in several countries here in Europe. Finder inherits a high longevity, very healthy udders and good fertility. His daughters have less clinical ketosis, looking at his breeding value of 112 for Ketosis.

This group has been selected by Leo de Jong and Arjan van Heugten. They describe the many Finder daughters they have seen as late mature with excellent feet and legs. The undeep udders have a perfect teat placement for automatic milking systems. The functional cows, often slow starters, produce with great ease.

Healthy cows who will get old, typical for the daughters of Bouw Finder!


Delta Fun P is the number 1 heterozygote polled and daughter proven bull in the Netherlands and Flanders. Looking at the production of the Fun P daughters in this group, we see an average 305 day production of over 9.500 kg milk with 4,26% Fat and 3,53% Protein and their performance is 8% above herd average. The daughters are classified on average 87 points for total type.

This group has been selected by Arnold van Dee and Ron Timmermans. They describe the many Fun P daughters they have seen as very productive cows without being too extremely dairy. They have a wide chest and a lot of body depth. The udders where high attached and wide. The locomotion was very good and hoofs where extremely healthy. They where well balanced cows who had no issues with their extremely high productions. They get better as they get older.


Bouw Rocky is THE exponent of long lasting and healthy cows. For longevity he is the highest available bull at this moment, with a breeding value for longevity of over 1,100 days. On top of that his daughters are extremely persistent and late mature. This means that the Rocky daughters distinguish themselves with a flat lactation curve and get better when they get older. Besides that he also improves the components in milk!

The daughters shown are selected by Bastiaan Vernooij and Ben Knoef. The describe the many Rocky daughters they have seen for this selection as invisible cows within the herd, very good udders with a good locomotion and extremely easy to manage cows.

Long lasting and Healthy, typical for the daughters of Bouw Rocky!


Like last time CRV shows a group of 6 cows, representing the breeding program of CRV . This group consists of the best cows within their age, based on their genomic breeding values. The Delta donor cows produce embryos  as maiden heifer within the Delta Satellite program. Their embryos have been used on over 200 Delta Satellite herds in the Netherlands, Flanders and Czech Republic and they are the base of the future CRV Sire line up.


The theme group ‘Proven cows with high components’ shows a selection from the Dutch population of cows with at least 3 calvings. Based on their genetic level for % fat and % protein, these cows are expected to produce 4,70% fat and 3,72% protein. With an average realized production of 4,70% fat and 3,75% protein they have produced almost exactly the same as expected. Cees Pieter van Burgsteden en Gert Jan Roseboom have selected these cows. They both have a lot of experience with selecting progreny groups. A remarkable fact they noticed was that during their selection almost every farmer knew the animal they wanted to see and almost every visit that cow also was the farmer’s favorite cow from the herd. Not only for the 6 cows showed to you, but for every animal they have seen.

High components can only be produced when cows have the right genetic levels!