More than 350 international guests at NRM 2019

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Group from Chile

CRV Global Sales has welcomed more than 350 guests from 35 different countries during NRM 2019. It was another succesfull edition!

The NRM is over… But we can look back at a very good, interesting and succesfull NRM week! The first guests arrived already at the beginning of the week and they therefore had the time to visit many farms, some groups only had just 1 day of (also very good) farm visits. We of course wanted to show all our guests the best highlights of our farms in The Netherlands and our breeding program. Below an impression of the NRM week.

CRV test farms

Several groups went to our CRV test farms. Not only in Holland, but also in Belgium! At CRV test farm Peeters, Eric Lievens welcomed our guests and showed them some very good individual cows. This video shows 3 beautiful Final daughters.

Besides CRV test farm Peeters, also test farms Barendonk, Nooijen, Boschloo and Van Erp have welcomed several groups.

Feed research

Many of our international guests also went to our feed research farm Alders in Overloon. There our colleague Pieter van Goor told them everything about the feed research data CRV is collecting. These data are the main source for our feed intake and feed efficieny breeding values.

Which cow has a better feed efficiency?

Chinese guests

Pieter van Goor and the Iranian group
CRV Dairy Breeding Center

Our Dairy Breeding Center was of course one of the program parts during the farm tours. On Thursday almost all the groups went to the North of Holland to hear everything about our breeding program. Colleagues Joost Klein Herenbrink and Marcel Fox first explained them well how our breeding program looks like, followed by a look in the barn via the skybox.

View from the skybox

Presentation by Joost and Marcel

View from the skybox
CRV barbecue and CRV party

After the serious part, there was also time for the informal part. On Thursday evening all our international guests and many CRV colleagues were present at the barbecue. On Friday evening we had another social part, the CRV party. Good to see that so many people from so many different countries were talking, sitting or dancing together!

Can’t get enough of it?

Still want to look back on the NRM week? Watch some more pictures below or follow our Facebook page for even more pictures!

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