Progeny group by Bouw Finder at the NRM

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Hedra Remarlinda 810 (s. Finder)

Bouw Finder made his first appearance in the list of daughter-proven bulls with daughters, when his first daughters had just started producing milk. Finder scores extremely well for health traits and as his daughters mature late and produce with absolute ease, they are expected to have long, productive lives. In addition, Finder transmits above average components. These qualities make Finder a flagship for the mission of CRV; breeding healthy and efficient cows.

With Bouw Finder in its portfolio, CRV offers a bull who is attracting keen levels of international interest. This interest is justified by Finder’s extremely complete and all-round transmitting abilities. Finder passes on incredible longevity, fantastic udder health and positive scores for fertility, claw health and ketosis. On top of this, he brings abundant production of fat and protein and is an ideal bull for calving ease. That makes him the dream of every dairy farmer!


A descendant of the successful Bouw Goldwyn Femmy family

Bouw Finder is another chapter in the continuing success story of Bouw Goldwyn Femmy, the 90 point dam of Bouw Snowfever and granddam of Bouw Rocky and Bouw Finder. The Bouw Goldwyn Femmy line is far from the average cow family, as demonstrated by the many bull dams and bulls of this pedigree still used in the CRV breeding programmes. A remarkable feature of the Bouw Goldwyn Femmy family is the regular inclusion of its members in the top lists, often as daughter-proven bulls.


Bull’s eye every time

Bouw Goldwyn Femmy is a great granddaughter of the renowned Ralma Juror Faith (s. Juror). Faith made her mark in the Netherlands in the shape of her well-known grandson Ralma O-Man CF Cricket (s. O Man). The brain behind the Femmy dynasty is her breeder, Jan Bouw from Putten. He has bred various bulls and bull dams out of Femmy and her offspring. He sold Femmy some years ago, however. With her new owner in England she is ranked excellent. ‘You score a bull’s eye every time’, is a remark the American breeder of the Juror Faith family once made to Jan Bouw. ‘That’s precisely our experience too. We always flushed a lot of embryos from Femmy but she still became pregnant again very quickly. That amazing fertility characterizes this cow family.’ Descendants of Bouw Epic Finola, Finder’s dam, can now be found on CRV test farms, and production in excess of 11,000 kg as a heifer is the rule rather than the exception.

Come and admire Bouw Finder’s progeny group at the NRM!
You’re welcome at the CRV stand at the NRM on the 28th and 29th of June in Zwolle (the Netherlands) 


finderBouw Finder (Balisto x Epic)
  • Extremely good health traits
  • Easy to manage cows
  • High longevity
  • International sire of sons