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Heizenhof Clara 135, high components
Heizenhof Clara 135 (s. Franklin)

For years, Dutch Holstein cows have stood out as a breed that embodies longevity and high component percentages. To secure profits on dairy farms, it’s vital that the herd produces milk with high added value over a long period of time. In other words; efficient, healthy cows that produce milk that contains a high percentage of fat and protein. The Dutch dairy sector is a trail blazer in this respect, but improvement is still feasible in every herd.

The NRM theme group with the theme of ‘Proven cows with high components’ shows a selection of the Dutch cow population that has calved at least three times. Based on their genetic predisposition for fat and protein percentages, they should be expected to produce 4.70% fat and 3.72% protein.  As the animals in the group have an average in excess of 4.70% fat and 3.75% protein, their performance practically mirrors the predictions. This demonstrates that in addition to good management, cows that produce milk with high components also need a genetic predisposition that facilitates production of milk high in components. This group is a prime example of what CRV – together with Dutch dairy farmers – represents. We call this: BETTER COWS I BETTER LIFE.

We give you a sneak preview of two of the six animals we will show on the NRM, this friday. These two cows also compete in the individual judgings on saturday.


W Dora 135

There are no two ways about it: W Dora 135 stands for fertility and health. This Cricket daughter owned by the Lammersen family from Haaksbergen is on her sixth lactation and poised to celebrate her eighth birthday next month. She is expected to produce some 11,500 litres of milk in this lactation, with 4.64% fat and 3.71% protein, and with a somatic cell count that on average will not rise above 50,000 cells/ml. Dora is not just the owner of a healthy udder, it also looks good  – a fact reflected by a super score of 91 points. For that reason, Dora will also be shown in the individual classification class at the NRM. Dora scores 89 points for overall conformation and ranks a solid excellent for efficiency and profitability.


Heizenhof Clara 135

Heizenhof Clara 135 from the Heizenhof dairy farm in Moergestel is a treat to the eye: She warrants 91 points for conformation, and with figures like that has justifiably been selected for the individual classification class at the NRM. This Franklin daughter already clocked up a score of 88 as a heifer. After calving for the fourth time, her legs were awarded 92 points, her frame 91, and the excellent predicate was conferred for her type and udders. But it’s not just Clara’s looks that make such an impression. Four calves have brought her to lifetime production until now in excess of 32,000 kg of milk with 5.16% fat and 3.66 % protein. And the crowning glory is a complete absence of any alerts for somatic cell count in her lifetime, and a calving interval of an average of 368 days. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the jury at the NRM included those wonderful scores in their assessment.