These are the groups at the NRM 2019

Fun P already showed a daughter group at the HHH show, December 2018.

CRV will show three progeny groups and two theme groups at NRM 2019. These groups show that we stand for efficient and healthy herds with high components. Read more information below about the Fun P, Bouw Finder and Bouw Rocky progeny groups and the Delta Satellite and “Proven cows with high components” theme groups.


We will show a group of second calvers and heifers from the red-and-white bull Delta Fun P. The Fun P daughters are very productive and can easily cope with their high production, which makes them very efficient. Fun P is currently the highest available daughter tested bull for NVI. In December 2018, we have already shown the first progeny group of Fun P at the HHH show (see photo above).

Bouw Rocky

Bouw Finder

Delta Fun P

Bouw Finder made its debut in April in the list of proven bulls with daughters who were just in production. Finder scores very well for the health characteristics. Because his late-maturing daughters produce trouble-free, they are expected to live longer. In addition, Finder inherits higher component levels on average. This makes Finder a bull that realizes what CRV stands for.


Bouw Rocky comes from the same cow family as Finder. CRV has already shown a progeny group with heifers, second calvers and third calvers. Bouw Rocky is currently the highest proven bull for longevity. The Rocky daughters are also very mature and healthy, so that they can easily handle their productions and produce very efficiently.


Just like during the previous edition of the NRM, CRV also shows a group of elite donors from the CRV breeding program. These cows are used for the embryo production of the Delta Satellite program. Their offspring are among the absolute top in the Holstein population when it comes to efficient production and good health traits. Via the Delta Satellite program, the embryos from these top cows were used by dairy farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders. For these farmers it is an excellent opportunity to watch the dams of animals from their own stable.


Finally, CRV shows a group of cows with CRV offspring that produce “premium milk”. We have selected cows that are representative for the CRV breeding goal. This group of animals consists of third calvers, fourth calvers, fifth calvers and sixth calvers. On average, this group has an average life production of 39,000 kg of milk up to now, with an average of more than 4.70% fat and 3.75% protein. Our “components group” shows clearly what CRV stands for: efficient, healthy and with very high components!

Visit the NRM 2019 too! Our progeny and theme groups can be seen in the ring on Friday 28 June. Our groups will be at our stand on Saturday 29 June. We are looking forward to meet you on one of the two days, in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle